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Want to get to your Fitness Goal but you don't know what to eat or what workouts to do to get there?

Don't let this hold you back any longer!

Think of this program like a GPS to getting Fit! You will receive a Personalized workout routine and Meal plan based on your fitness goal.  Along the way we will help you master your form and also guide you on what to eat so that you always get ongoing results and never feel lost.


The Way It Works


Send Us The Instructed Pictures, Weight and Fitness Goal, We Will Create You A Diet and Workout Routine For Home, or Gym Designed To Help You Reach Your Goals.


Receive Ongoing Results By Breaking Through Plateaus. Changes Will Be Made To Your Diet and Workouts When Necessary and Your Results Will Be Monitored.



Your pictures will never be shown or posted on any website or social media platform unless given permission to do so first.

Once the membership starts there are NO Refunds and there is also No Canceling the program until the full month is over.



You can cancel your  ongoing Monthly Membership at anytime before the new month starts.



Please ensure that you are in good health before participating in any physical activity and/or a nutritional plan. FitnessWithFlex LLC recommends that you consult with a physician before beginning any physical exercise program or nutritional plan promoted by our staff.

FitnessWithFlex LLC is not a licensed medical care provider. The professional opinions and/or suggestions provided by the FitnessWithFlex staff are not an attempt to diagnose, examine or treat medical conditions of any kind, nor can the staff predict the effects of an physical exercise, physical exercise plan, and/or nutritional plan on a preexisting medical condition.

FitnessWithFlex LLC acknowledges that any advice and guidance provided by the FitnessWithFlex LLC staff is based on our experiences and research as fitness trainers. We are not certified nutritionist, dietitians, or medical doctors.

When participating in any physical exercise, physical exercise program, or nutritional plan there is the possibility of physical injury and/or side-effects. Please beware that you are voluntarily agreeing to participate at your own risk.

As such the purchaser/participant assumes the risks of injury. Furthermore, the purchaser/participant agrees to release and discharge FitnessWithFlex LLC from all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of FitnessWithFlex LLC negligence. Payment to FitnessWithFlex LLC for services rendered signify your voluntary participation and agreement with the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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