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4 Tips On How To Lose Body Fat Fast

In the fall of 2012 I sprained my back really bad, and was hurt for about 4 Months. During this period without being able to train I gained a lot of body fat. All I did was lay down the whole day and eat many foods I shouldn't have been eating. By the time my back healed to the point that I was able to train again it was January 5th 2013, and I decided to get myself back into shape. Believe it or not the after pictures you see are only 2 and a half months later March 23rd 2013 to be exact.

Now how did I do this amazing transformation so fast???


1. Consistency - Like with any goal that you will try to achieve, you must have discipline and be consistent in order to get results. I didn't transform my body in such a short time by not doing what I had to do, I never missed a workout, cardio, I never missed a meal, no matter what was going on in my life, parties, family events, work, etc... nothing can be an excuse for you not to follow out your fitness plan, it's the only way you will reach your fitness goals. You can have the perfect diet, the perfect exercise routine but the main factor is Consistency. Even the worst program will give you some minimal results if you're consistent enough with it.

2. Proper Nutrition - This is your base, and the main factor in any type of body transformation, I would say 70% of your results will come from your nutrition. Always rememeber you can't out exercise a crappy diet. This means that you can kill yourself at the gym doing weight training, cardio, aerobics, etc. and you will never see that much results because exercise alone isn't enough. You can actually drop a lot of body fat just by eating healthier. I had a client that was 317 lbs and was able to make it down to 290 lbs just by following a customized meal plan I created for him, NO EXERCISE whatsoever. Everyone's body is different so not all generic diets will work on everyone and if you do see results they will slow down and plateau after a while unless you know what changes to make.

3. Exercise - You don't need to waste time doing useless exercises, you must find the most effective exercises that burn the most calories in the shortest time as possible. For example the top 2 exercises that do this are Deadlifts, and Squats. You also need a proper exercise split, meaning a routine for you to do each day, if you are going to the gym and doing the same exercises, and muscle groups everyday you will never see results. You cannot workout the same muscle group everyday, your muscles need time to recover. Working out the same muscle group without rest can be counter productive.

4. Cardio - Cardio doesn't burn as much calories as weight training but being consistent with cardio along with weight trainig and a great meal plan will help you burn fat faster. Even if all you do is burn 200 calories in 7 days that would be 1,400 calories that you burned additonally to the weight training every little bit counts.

I hope this information helped your guys out, I am no different from anybody if I could do it you surely can do it. It just depends how bad you really want your goal, are you going to settle, be fat and out of shape your whole life or are you going to make changes in your life so that you can live a healthier, and longer life that choice is up to you.


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