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You Have The Discipline To Get Fit & Don't Even Know It

Discipline is the ability to do what you need to do during times that you don't want to do it, and for many of us that's almost never. Just the actual word Discipline can make you cringe. When we think of Discipline we might imagine a strict military type figure, or someone waking up at 5 am everyday to train. Being disciplined is a very tough task, it's very easy to do something when you don't mind doing it but not so easy when you don't want to. Well guys, if you ever think about getting fit, guess what? it's definitely going to involve a lot of discipline. You might be thinking that's it, I'm never going to get Fit because I'm not disciplined enough. If you are thinking that yourself, I can tell you that you do have discipline within you, you've always had it. Lets go over a few ways to bring out the discipline within.

Believe it or not you are a very disciplined person and you have been your whole life. Think about it Discipline is doing what you have to do when you don't want to do it, you've done that plenty of times. I don't think anyone enjoyed waking up to go to school everyday as kids but you still did it, why? because you had consequences if you didn't by your parents. Now as an adult you might be going to school so that you can upgrade your lifestyle. Going to work everyday is another form of discipline, having to get up every morning, and most people to a job that they hate, that definitely takes a lot of discipline. This also has a consequence because if you don't work then you can't pay the bills. So as we can see the right consequences may force discipline on you. Not always though sometimes something we really desire can force discipline on us as well. Saving up for vacation takes a lot of discipline as well. Putting yourself on a budget, possibly not going out as much or eating out as much to save more money for your vacation is a form of discipline. Working extra hours at work or doing more than what is asked of you to get that raise or promotion takes discipline as well. Maybe you can relate to these scenarios or many others that are similar to these. You have the discipline within to do something if you desire it enough, or if something has enough consequences you will then have the discipline to go through with it so you have to ask yourself one question, Do you really want to get Fit?

I don't have to go over the consequences of not being fit because some of us have experienced that or are experiencing it now. I don't have to go over the pros of getting fit because they are almost endless, and its probably the reason why you want to get fit as well. So you have to ask yourself do you really want to get fit? because if you really do then you already have the discipline within now use it for something that you really desire and if you don't get to it there will just be a whole lot of consequences waiting for you soon.


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