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Will Gym Accessories Get You To Your Fitness Goal Faster

Hello ladies, in the beginning of my fitness journey there were many things that I wasn’t sure about, one of them being if I should be using wrist bands, belts, knee wraps, etc. I saw numerous people at the gym and I would notice they were lifting heavier weights compared to when they were not wearing these accessories. I would ask myself if I wore those accessories would I be able to lift heavier weights and make more gains so I can get to my fitness goal faster? Being obsessed with the idea, I started doing some research and in today’s blog I’m going to help you clarify whether or no you need these accessories to reach your fitness goals.

Ladies there is no right or wrong answer it really all depends on what your fitness goal is and what type of physical conditions you are in. If you’re starting a consistent workout routine and find yourself having back pain hopefully you go and see a doctor as soon as possible to make sure that you're okay. You want to make sure you aren't doing any exercises that may worsen the injury by working out. Once you’re fixed or the doctor has given you the green light to work out you should start off slow and get back into it. If you're still having minor back pain or discomfort when lifting the first thing to check for is that you are doing the technique. Not having the proper technique will cause joint pain and even injury. If you have proper technique and are still have back or joint discomfort then maybe a weight lifting belt, wrist bands or knee bands will help give you more stability, support, less pain and more comfort.

Although let’s say that everything on your body for the most part is working 100% and you have no pain when doing the exercises, will using these accessories get you to your goal faster? No ladies these accessories are only recommended to use if you really need them. If your body is in perfect condition to do any exercise without using any of these accessories and you go ahead and use it just to lift heavier weight you will be missing out on targeting certain stabilizing muscles that will eventually get you stronger and help you prevent injury. If you are looking to get toned and healthy then you don't really need all these accessories. Now if you’re doing power lifting for example then these accessories would really come in handy giving you joint support when lifting these tremendously heavy weights.

The most important thing here is that you listen to your body when doing the exercises; if your body is telling you to stop then you should stop. If your back isn’t able to handle more weight when squatting then you shouldn’t add more weight, remember ladies your body doesn’t know how much weigh it’s trying to carry all it knows is that it’s something heavy. Making sure you keep the proper tension when doing the exercises. Even if you are lifting light to moderate weight you can still trick the body in thinking it's lifting heavy weight.

These accessories are here to make your experience at the gym more comfortable. Remember ladies the benefit of weight training doesn’t just come from lifting heavy weight it comes from having the proper technique, getting the most benefit out the exercise along with the proper foods to fuel your workouts not the amount of accessories you can wear. Ladies I hope this can help till next time.



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