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What Happens When You Break Your Routine? (Especially During the Holidays)

Hello ladies, most of us can build up the will power to stick to our meal plan and workout routine, but sometimes life isn’t always just smooth sailing. Everyday life events can lead us to fall off track and delay us from reaching our fitness goal for instance Christmas. It’s hard to stay focused when there’s a party to go to or even dealing with personal problems and stress. Nobody’s perfect and we can all break from time to time including myself, but some of us learn from it and choose not to do it again, while others make it a habit. In today’s blog I will talk about what to do when life hits you while your trying to remain disciplined and what to do if you break.

When Events Happen Does That Give You The GREEN Light To Break Your Routine? –

Ladies we have to remember that we are the only constant variable in our lives. Everything else that happens in our life is out of our control, for example tell me one person that you know without ever having to have faced a birthday party, graduations, problems, holidays and stress. When these things happen it doesn’t mean you should always break, if you’re always breaking then how will you ever reach your goal? Something that always helped me stay one track is if I have a birthday or a holiday coming up and I know there will be food I cannot resist I schedule that day to be a cheat meal day. That way I can enjoy good food with the people I love and be able to also stay on track. Another thing that I do that sure helps me stay on track especially while under stress is never allowing myself to feel hungry. I make sure I'm eating all my meals at the times that I'm supposed to. If I don't then I get the same feeling you get when you go food shopping on an empty stomach that you want to eat everything in site.

When You Break Does That Mean It’s All Over -

Ladies like I said before usually for most of us when we have an event coming up or we are stressed out, we feel like we've lost total control of our discipline and this causes us to break. Even though it might seem like you fell of the wagon this doesn't mean that you should call it quits. If you do break take a few minutes out of your day to close your eyes and remember why you want this so bad, envision yourself with the body that you are working so hard for. Once you remind yourself of that awesome body keep moving forward and don’t look back. What is done is done the only thing left to do is acknowledge that you have let yourself down and start fresh from that point. If you start to use the excuse that it’s OK to break again since we already broke earlier on in the week you’re going to catch yourself three weeks in without any consistency and back tracking yourself from your goal even more.

There you have it ladies in the beginning it will be hard to adapt to a strict meal plan and workout routine. You will encounter temptations and you will sometimes break, but ladies it’s all about what you do on a consistent basis, one bad meal won’t make you fat just like one good mean can’t make you fit. Like everything else in life when you start something new you will make mistakes in the beginning before you master the discipline and soon everything will feel easier, just make sure you never QUIT.


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