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Depriving Yourself From Food Will Not Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

When most of us think about how to get rid of unwanted body fat the first thing that can pop up in our mind is that we have to eat less and exercise more. Out of desperation of wanting to get to our dream body as fast as possible we can get lost in the misconception that we should deprive ourselves from as much food as possible or even make sure we don't eat after a certain time. We fill up our schedule with as much activities as possible and eat little to no food thinking that we will maximize our calorie burn and gain a tone fit body, but ladies that's actually not true. In today's blog I'm going to explain how depriving yourself from food is not going to get you to your Fitness goal and how it can actually set you back.

Your stress levels are going to get out of control-

When you eat less food than what your body needs you activate a stress hormone in your body that is called cortisol. When your cortisol levels are high you cannot facilitate your body to burn unwanted body fat. Having high cortisol levels will affect your mood, increasing your appetite and give you low energy LEVELS.

Slow metabolism-

Eating less can cause your metabolism to run slowmo. Depriving your body from essential nutrients signals the body that you are going through starvation and automatically slows down your metabolism to be able to conserve energy. Ladies think about your metabolism as your fat burning machine the healthier and faster your metabolism is the faster you can get rid of unwanted body fat.

Depriving yourself from food can actually make you obsessed with it-

Not giving your body the essential foods that you need can cause your leptin levels to plunge. Leptin is a hormone in your body that affects energy levels and is also responsible for the feeling of satisfaction or fullness after food. Having low levels of leptin can some time lead you into binging because your body is craving the calories that you aren’t giving it.

Say bye bye to that toned body your dreaming about-

Putting your body through an extreme caloric deficit will make your muscles suffer. When you’re not eating the essential foods your body needs, it turns to muscle mass for energy. This is called being in a catabolic state. Being in a catabolic state means that your body is breaking down the remaining muscle you have to be able to use it as fuel, Hey if you aren’t giving it to your body it has to take it from somewhere.

It is also very important that you're never in a catabolic state because dropping muscle mass will actually decrease the amount of calories you can burn. Having added only 1 pound of muscle means you can burn 50 calories just by doing your average daily things. So less muscle = not being able to maximize your calorie burn. Having less muscle will also contribute to bone weakness and giving you a higher chance of developing osteoporosis.

There you have it ladies eat the right foods for your body and your goals. Don’t end up with a slow metabolism, saggy skin and a crappy mood. Trust me achieving your dream body is worth the wait.

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