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19 Natural Rejuvenating Super Foods

Hello everyone, when we are 13 or 14 years old some of us can't wait for time to go by so we can get older and become adults. At that age we want more freedom and are curious to what adults are doing, No curfew, late night parties, alcohol etc. When we finally hit adult hood and get a few parties out of our system we quickly realize it's not all we thought. Not only do we have big responsibilities many of which come from paying bills but you will notice now that time just seems to zoom by. Before you know it 21 suddenly turns into 22, 25 and one day you will wake up and be 50 years old. Not only is time zooming by you but so is your Youth. As we get older we start to age and the collagen in our skin starts to decrease your skin is going to start changing, so say bye bye to that smooth baby skin you once had. The beauty industry makes a ton of money off of rejuvenating products that will just sell you false promises. Products that almost guarantee that just by applying a facial cream before bed will make you look younger. Most of these products are filled with artificial chemicals that are harmful to your skin and body with many potential side effect, and although some of us may not think to much about it anything we put on our skin like creams, makeup, perfume etc. is absorbed through the skin which is the largest organ of the body. Luckily in today’s blog I am going to give you 19 foods you can add to your diet that will help restore your collagen and can help you slow down the aging of your skin.

What is Collagen :

Collagen is extremely important because it's responsible for the flexibility and strength in your skin, joints, helps strengthen teeth, ligament, bones, eyes, hair and boost metabolism. Unfortunately as we age our collagen starts to diminish causing wrinkles in the skin, joint pain, less hair and fragile nails. Having good amounts of collagen in the body has many benefits like youthful skin, strength and stability in joints, helps reduce joint inflammation and replace dead skin cells.

Collagen Foods:

1 Collagen supplement .

2 Chick peas

3 Honey

4 Bone broth

5 Walnuts

6 Blueberries

7 Raspberries

8 Oranges

9 Limes

10 Lemons

11 Kiwis

12 Cabbage

13 Red peppers

14 Carrots

15 Sprouts

16 Broccoli

17 Spinach

18 Asparagus

19 Eggs

Remember the best anti agent is a healthy well balance diet. Have foods that will help to optimize your health so you can stay young, alert and active with beautiful healthy glowing skin. Like they say you are what you eat. So take a look at your plate, What Are You Eating?


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