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4 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Gallbladder

Hello everyone, some people tend to neglect a very small part of their body that plays a tremendous role in their overall health and the way they feel. Even though it's small The Gallbladder is important because it aids in the digestion process by releasing bile when we eat. The bile helps break down oils and fats so that they can become water soluble. It helps neutralize the strong stomach acid you have when digesting your foods so that they don't harm your small intestine and other organs.

Having a healthy gallbladder is important for your overall health. Having problems in your gallbladder can bring pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. You can also get acid reflex, heart burn, indigestion, gas and get a burning sensation in your stomach. Another symptom you can develop is diarrhea or constipation with sometimes a fluctuation of both. In today's blog I am going to give you 4 tips to help improve and maintain a healthy gallbladder.

Tip #1 – Stop eating foods that are fried with unhealthy hydrogenated oils like canola oil or corn oil. Also foods that have a long shelve life usually are packed with hydrogenate oils. These oils will contribute to liver and gallbladder inflammation.

Tip#2- Consume a bile supplement, bile is going to help you break down fats. So that its easier for your body to absorb healthy fats. Healthy Fats are essential for the body, cells, brain etc.

Tip#3- Take a good probioctic supplement. Probiotic's support a healthy digestive system and also a healthy gallbladder.

Tip#4- Take a Milk Thistle supplement it will help support a healthy liver and gall bladder.

These 4 tips are not only for people that have discomfort with their gallbladder but also for people who have gotten their gallbladder removed or to just help maintain a healthy gallbladder. The healthier your gallbladder is the easier it will be for you to digest fats and allow your body to burn unwanted body fat.


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