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Summer Bodies Are Constructed In The Winter

Eating right and working out is something we should all strive for all year round but if there's one season that definitely helps you pack on weight it's Winter. During the Summer months everyone's showing more skin than usual and we tend to be stricter during this time, but during Winter it's very easy to hide yourself by wearing sweaters and coats making a 10 pound jump not so noticeable. Waiting 6 weeks before Summer to get in shape is a sure plan to fail. If you really want to get ready for Summer you have to start right now. In Today's Blog I'm going to share with you guys a few tips on how to construct your summer body from now.

Start Weight Training - Summer is just a few months away so we have to build muscle and burn fat as fast as possible, and there's no better way to do this than by weight training. Cardio will also help you burn calories but it should be done to supplement, weight training should be your base. Not only will you burn calories while you are weight training but you will also burn calories for many hours after finishing your workout, this is called the After Burn Effect

Stick To Your Schedule - Anyone can train for a few days, but the results come in when you put a few weeks and months together. If you aren't sticking to your workout schedule like it's a religion then you definitely wont be summer ready. It will suck not going to as many parties as you might want to or eat your favorite foods, but if you sacrifice now and get fit you will be able to enjoy what your missing now during the summer just with a brand new body.

Set Small Goals - The Summer is definitely the goal but you can't just achieve the goal you have to work towards it. The best way to achieve a goal is by not getting to overwhelmed by the big picture but instead break down your goal into smaller segments. If your goal is to lose 40 lbs from here to summer then you should break down how much weight you should be losing per month and then per week to achieve your goal. Each week will be a victory and you will gain more and more confidence that you can attain the bigger goal.

Follow through on your fitness goals this year. You don't want to have that uncomfortable feeling that you've had every summer of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Your body is under construction starting from now. Keep covered up all winter not because you are hiding the fat that most people gain but because you are keeping your body under construction and unveiling it this summer.

- FitnessWithFlex

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