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Is It Possible To Get Fit Fast?

When that switch flips on in our minds and you hear it telling us that we need to get Fit all we think about is how fast can we possibly do it? It's very easy to put on Body Fat, for some of us we can just think of food and gain a few pounds, but is it just as easy to burn it off as it was to put it on? Can you really get Fit in just a few months right before that Wedding, Family reunion, Birthday, Vacation Etc... Everyone wants to get Fit as fast as possible but are you ready to do what it takes? Today I want to help you understand the process of getting Fit, and what are some realistic goals you should keep in mind.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is why do you want to get Fit? If it's simply to look good for a certain event then I can almost guarantee that you will be UNFIT again shortly after that event. If you have the mind frame of wanting to be Fit not just to look good but to also feel good and live a longer and healthier life then you will remain Fit. If you are getting Fit for the right reasons then you shouldn't be in a rush because this is a lifestyle now and you have a lot of time. Now I know even if that is the case we still will want to achieve our results as fast as possible. Everyone starts off with a different body type and fitness level so there is no one way to do things, everyone need a customized program for their fitness goal. Since we all start off at different levels let's discuss what are some realistic goals to set towards your goal.

Getting Fit is not an overnight thing, even though you will see results within a few weeks you probably won't be seeing a six pack anytime soon. In order for something to come out right you must give it the appropriate time. You can't expect to bake a cake in one minute, if you did you probably would be eating raw cake batter. You can't read a 500 page book in 5 mins and even if some how you could I don't think you would retain much of the information from it. Your body is the same way, in order to get Fit you will have to burn fat and build muscle. The more muscle you can put on the leaner you will look. To put on muscle you have to gradually get stronger, Key word here is GRADUALLY. You can't come in day one maxing out with 10 pounds and then try to lift 100 pounds next week.

The fastest way to achieve results would be to follow everything on your Meal Plan and Workout Routine 100% right with no mishaps. If you follow everything 100% then you will get 100% results as fast as possible. If you are supposed to eat six times a day, drink one gallon of water per day, weight train 4 days a week, and do cardio six days a week to get 100% that' what you have to do. Anything less wouldn't be 100%. If you are losing more than two pounds per week then there's a strong possibility that you might be losing more muscle than body fat. When you lose more muscle than body fat you can end up with loose skin. Forget about how long it will take, start the process today and focus on how you feel and about making consistent gains the results will eventually come if you don't GIVE UP.


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