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3 Tips To HELP Keep LEAN This Thanksgiving

I myself have enjoyed a lot of food during the holidays and I've also gone many holidays without eating the foods I wanted because of a certain Fitness goal. If you are really focusing on reaching a certain Fitness goal a big Holiday filled with delicious foods and alcohol like Thanksgiving Day can be a nightmare. If you've been eating clean and exercising consistently one day of eating bad wont really affect you but depending on your goal you still might not want to overdo it on that day. In today's blog I'm going to share with you guys 3 Tips that will help you keep lean this Thanksgiving.

#1 Eat Before Thanksgiving Dinner - If you are really scared that you might binge this Thanksgiving Day then you should have a healthy meal 2 hours before having dinner. Since you wont be starving and would feel somewhat full or content you wont over eat as much. Doing this simple tip can make a difference as to how many times you get up to refill your plate. You can still enjoy yourself just without all the extra calories.

#2 Use A Smaller Plate Than Usual - If your goal is not to eat too much then you should definitely use a smaller plate than usual. It may not seem like much but the more food you can add to your plate the more you will eat and the more calories you will be consuming. Don't try to be sneaky and pile up food on the plate either you will just look silly and you will be fooling yourself.

#2 Eat Clean Despite It's Thanksgiving - Yeah it might be thanksgiving but I think your goals are more important. Now I'm not saying to just eat veggies but you can definitely make wiser choices. Design you plate to 80% lean turkey breast with salad and veggies and the other 20 % of your plate then try to fit in all the other foods you like. It wont be as much but at least you will still get to eat them and not suffer much consequences. Maybe having a second serving of a similar plate wont be so bad either.

Now I didn't speak about alcohol but it's a given that the alcohol will set you back maybe even more so than the food. Having some drinks in moderation will be okay because again it's only one day but try not to pass 3 drinks and make them with diet soda or diet drinks if possible, doing this will reduce your calorie and sugar intake a lot. Don't be afraid of the holidays anymore try using these 3 tips this Thanksgiving day and you will not only enjoy yourself but you will also stay on track with your Fitness Goals.

- FitnessWithFlex

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