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Keep 5 Pounds Off This Thanksgiving

Hello everyone thanksgiving is finally here, we love thanksgiving so much that we make sure we are extra good with the way we eat the days before the holiday so that we can eat what we want when the time is here. How can you refuse your grandma's turkey and your aunt’s signature apple pie. Although this is a time where we hate holding back from all the yummy foods we also don’t want all the hard work to go away just because of one day. In today’s blog I am going to give you 6 tips you can do so that you don’t gain 5 pounds from here to Monday.

Wake up early and get in your workout

Getting in a simple 30 min weight training routine can help you burn calories for the rest of the day. So you can give yourself the luxury to indulge with the foods you love and they won’t affect you as much.

Eat all your meals

Just because its thanksgiving does not mean that you should STARVE yourself up until your thanksgiving meal. This can result in you consuming unnecessary calories that you aren’t really craving, but only because your massively hungry.

Eat as much turkey as you like

Turkey especially the breast is lean protein. Protein is going to help you build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, strengthen hair, skin and nails.

Pick one dessert

Don’t have a dessert platter, pick one dessert you really like and enjoy it. Remember eating sugar in moderation will help keep the insulin release in your body low. When insulin release in the body is high you cannot facilitate you’re your body to burn off that unwanted boy fat.

Don’t drink away your calories

Try to stick to water when you’re having your meal or a sweet glass of lemonade sweetened with some natural stevia. This way you stay away from soda and those juices that are packed with sugar that can easily make you pack on some weight.

Give away the leftovers-

Get rid of the leftovers give them to family and friends. Keeping left over’s will make it easier for you to have a second thanksgiving. Now that you have already enjoyed your thanksgiving meal it is time to jump back on that fitness goal train.

Most importantly stay focused on your goal, be thankful for your life and the people you love.



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