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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Hello ladies, most of us including myself have had a life long battle with CELLULITE. Cellulite is not considered to be a medical condition although we might feel that it should be. Cellulite is that one part of your body that’s bumpy and giggly, some people might refer to it as cottage cheese and it can make us feel very uncomfortable if we go to the beach and it's showing. Not all of us have cellulite in the same places either, some of us have it on our glutes, hamstrings, hips, back of the arms ect. A larger percentage of women go through this battle compared to a smaller percentage of men “unfair I know”. Ladies there is no need to worry because luckily in this blog I am going to be telling you what cellulite is and how you can get rid of it once and for all.

What is cellulite?-

Cellulite is just clustering fat, toxins and sodium beneath the skin. The surface of your skin where the cellulite is will appear to be bumpy because since your fat cells are enlarged they are pushing against the connective tissues. In simple terms, you’re more than likely to see an accumulation of cellulite (body fat) in areas that you have very little muscle. Here is where it gets interesting you cannot make your fat cells disappear unless you get liposuction or some type of surgery to physically remove them (ladies check out our E book FitnessWithFlex Real Results No Gimmicks Guide To Getting Fit volume 1 to find out why liposuction and other fat loss surgeries are not the answer), but they can shrink and getting them to shrink means we will no longer see cellulite or body fat build up in those areas. So how do we get them to shrink?

How can we get rid of cellulite –

Not everyone has cellulite in the same areas. Some people might have more on the back of their arms while others may have it on the back of their legs. Since we all have different body types and hoard body fat in different areas it is extremely important that you get a customized meal plan and workout routine so that you can target these areas specifically. Also doing some resistance training will help you get rid of cellulite or make your fat cells shrink because weight training will allow you to target these specific areas helping you build more muscle and giving you a smoother look on the surface of your skin. Remember ladies, only following a workout routine will not optimize your gains and help you get rid of that unwanted cellulite as fast as possible. If you are NOT FUELING YOUR BODY With THE PROPER Nutrients it will be very hard for your body to build muscle, So having the right workout routine and meal plan go hand in hand.

This is when you realize that the only way to really get into shape and gain the body we can always feel confident about is by having everything be customized, why? Because not all of us have cellulite in the same areas and not all of us have to be overweight to have cellulite. Ladies I really hope that this can help, don’t feel down about having cellulite let it motivate you to stay focused on your goal, work harder at the gym and stay disciplined on your diet, trust me before you know it that bumpy surface will be gone.


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