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3 Exercises To Help You Achieve A Toned Upper Body

Ladies in today’s blog I am going to give you three exercises that are quick, challenging and effective for you to add to any upper body routine. These exercises along with the right meal plan will help you achieve that toned look you’re striving for.

Over Head Triceps Extension- Ladies this is a great exercise to help get rid of that flabby part on the back of the arms that is always jiggling, some of us might refer to them as our arm wings.


  • Grab a weight that you can manage (weight should be manageable but challenging at the same time)

  • Proper posture is always important like I always tell you ladies never sacrifice your technique for heavy weight

  • Put your forearm behind your head, your elbow should always be facing towards the ceiling

  • Your bicep should always be close to your ears

  • The only thing that should be moving is your forearm straight up towards the ceiling

  • When you are bringing the weight down the weight should be behind your head

Dumbbell Chest Press- Ladies when some of us go to the gym we never think about working out our chest or we might think it’s a manly exercise. That is a huge misconception, working out our chest muscles will really benefit us in lifting and toning our chest. It will all pay off when you have to wear a backless dress that you cannot wear a bra with. After having had worked out your chest consistently your breast will be up and full where they are suppose to be not flat and hanging low.


  • Grab the weight that you can manage (weight should be manageable but challenging at the same time)

  • For this exercise you can use a flat bench or the floor

  • Lay with your back on the floor and make sure you are sticking out your chest so that you can really emphasize on targeting the chest muscles

  • When going up the dumbbells should not touch and when coming down make sure you control the weight

Bicep curls- To finish up, this is a great bicep exercise that will complete your look in gaining those awesome toned arms


  • Grab the weight that you can manage (weight should be manageable but challenging at the same time)

  • You can stand up or sit down for this exercise but no matter which one you choose you should always have proper posture

  • Your biceps and hands should be laying by your side

  • You’re going to bring up your forearm and bend at the elbow

  • When coming back down make sure you control the weight and right before locking out you repeat the exercise

Alright ladies these are 3 quick challenging exercises that you can incorporate into your upper body workout. Although remember that even if you do these exercises on a consistent basis and you are not fueling your body the right way for you , you are going to see very little progress. Remember to optimize your gains you need a customized meal plan that can be monitored so that you can reach your fitness goals as soon as possible the healthiest way possible.


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