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How To Cheat On Your Diet And Still Get Fit

If you want to get rid of body fat you have no choice but to put some restrictions on what you're eating on a daily basis and that means you will have to diet. Now I'm not saying it's easy to cut out the foods you love and are accustomed to eating but anyone can diet for a few days if they put their mind to it. The only thing is that it becomes harder and harder to keep up with your diet if you're getting sick and tired of eating the same bland foods everyday. Eventually this will cause you to cheat on your diet and that one cheat meal can become a cheat month really easy. In today's blog we will go over how you can cheat on your diet and still get Fit.

When someone first starts a diet even if it's a horrible one they will see some results right away and that's because they are taking in less calories compared to before. After a while though your body will adapt to the diet and it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. Your body doesn't know or care that you are dieting, it only cares about surviving so after dieting for a very long time your body might feel like you're in a situation where food isn't available and instead of continuing to lose fat your body will actually want to hold on to the body fat for survival purposes. This is usually where your results come to a stop and you plateau. You can increase your exercise and eat less food and you still might not be able to get rid of that stubborn body fat. This is where a Cheat Meal might come in handy. Giving your body a burst of calories just to let it know that you aren't in a starving state will keep your metabolism running smoothly and your body will continue to burn fat more efficiently.

If you are eating right and doing the right exercises for your fitness goals having a cheat meal once a week might not affect you depending on your fitness level. Now remember what I'm talking about is ONE Cheat Meal Only not a whole day of cheating and this is only if you have done everything 100% right. You can't cheat twice during the week and then be like oh today is my cheat meal day and cheat again because you will get No Results. You can have a cheat meal if you truly earned it. It's a good way for some to stay stricter and have more mental focus during the whole week knowing that they will at least be able to have their favorite food once a week. Now if you know yourself and feel like One cheat meal can turn into a day of cheating or worst weeks of cheating the a cheat meal might be something you need to hold off on until you are at the right level to trust yourself with one.

- FitnessWithFlex

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