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3 Different Ways To Bulk Up

A common goal for quite a few people is to lose weight, but there are also many that are training to pack on some size and this can be just as hard as losing weight. If you are having puting on weight it could be that you have a fast metabolism and your body is burning through most of the calories you eat. Overweight people would love the problem of not being able to put on weight that easy, but if you are looking to put on some size this can be your biggest hurdle. Ifyou aren't careful you can also gain more body fat than muscle mass which is never good. Everyone has different body types and has to bulk up in a different way, in today's blog I'm going to go over 3 different ways to bulk up and help you add some lean muscle mass fast.

The term Bulking up is used when someone wants to pack on some size. In most cases this would mean to add mostly muscle mass and not that much body fat. In order to gain muscle not only do you need to train properly but you also need to eat a lot of calories. Eating a lot of calories can definitely make you add some fat for some body types. There's 3 different ways to bulk up depending on your body type, lets go over the three:

Dirty Bulk- This type of bulking up is basically for people with very high metabolisms. Have you ever seen skinny people that can eat basically anything they want and not gain a pound. The reason for that is because their metabolism is very high and their body burns off a lot of the calories they ingest. This sounds great if you are overweight but when you are skinny and trying to bulk up eating 8 meals a day might not seem so much fun. If your metabolism is this high you have to slow it down, and the way to do it is by eating more calories until your metabolsiim slows down a bit. Once your metabolism slows down your body won't be burning through the calories as fast and you will see the gains start to come.

Clean Bulk- This type of bulking up is for people who used to be overweight or can gain body fat very easily. With the clean bulk you can still enjoy some great foods but still have to watch what you eat or you can gain too much body fat during this phase. If you have the body type that can gain fat fast I would cycle my bulking into intervals. Maybe bulk up for 4 weeks and then diet down for 2 weeks, the results won't be as fast it would be more of a steady pace but you won't gain that much body fat.

Moderate Bulk- Sometimes people don't fall on either side but right in the middle. I myself have a body type just like this. I can lose weight fast and I can also gain weight fast. If you have a similar body type then the moderate bulk is for you. For this bulking up process You want to eat relatively clean but can probably have 2 cheat meals a week, or just do more cardio depending on how your body looks.

When doing any type of transformation you should definitely be monitoring your results to see what works and doesn't work. When bulking up keep in mind unless you have a supper fast metabolism, you will gain some body fat during the bulking process. If you are interested in a customized meal plan and workout routine to maximize your muscle gains and minimize your body fat try out one of our Fitness Programs.

- FitnessWithFlex

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