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How Drinking Alcohol Effects Your Fitness

Most people love to go out and have a social drink once in a while. Some other people like to go binge drinking and get wasted drunk on the weekends. I've done both in the past and had fun doing it just like everyone else, but trust me there is a big price to pay if you are trying to get FIT. Just Have One Drink, I'ts Not Going To Be That Bad If You Only Have a drink or two right? If You Drink Have It With Diet Soda That'll save you some calories right? Yeah I've heard this before and I'm pretty sure you have as well. Most of us can guzzle a few drinks down but how is the alcohol effecting your gains? In today's blog we will go over what effects alcohol has on your Fitness.

One of the ways alcohol effects you is by putting you in a dehydrated state. Ever wake up with a hangover? Well that feeling means you are severely dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic the more you drink the more you will have to urinate which will cause you to get dehydrated and have electrolyte imbalances. Your body will also have increased levels of a toxin called Acetaldehyde which is considered a carcinogen which is in the same category as tobacco and Asbestos. If that isn't enough you are going to feel super fatigued with low energy, sluggish and confused, I wouldn't bet my life on you making it to the gym on that day! You might have thought a few drinks won't effect your fitness but 10-16 hours after having about three drinks can reduce your testosterone by 23% and it won't get back to normal levels until about 36 hours later. While in this state your body cannot build muscle or burn body fat efficiently the more you drink the longer it will take to restore balance to your body.

Moderate amounts of alcohol can inhibit the hormone Leptin which is what lets your body know that your are full. Now you might understand why after drinking you get cravings and usually for bad foods, this isn't good especially if you are trying to lose body fat. Alcohol will effect how your body uses energy, your body can use glucose or fats as a source of energy but when you have alcohol in your system it will use that up as energy instead so any foods you might eat while intoxicated might be turned into stored fat. Alcohol also messes with your quality of sleep and when you are resting is when all the recovery from your works out happen. If you don't have proper rest say good bye to losing fat and putting on muscle as fast as possible.

If you are looking to burn body fat then alcohol is your worst enemy, if you are trying to put on muscle alcohol is still your worst enemy. The next time you go out for that social drink or wake up with a massive hangover now you know exactly what you are doing to your body and fitness goals. Cheers!


- FitnessWithFlex

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