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Will Supplements Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal?

Iv'e been training and doing Fitness for about 16 years and it seems like for as long as I can remember there's always a new supplement coming out claiming to be "THE MAGIC PILL, POWDER or POTION" to finally get you FIT and give you the flat stomach you've wanted all your life. After seeing the advertisement you actually start thinking that you will look like the man or woman in the advertisement that supposedly look like that from using that product. We have all at one time or another got sucked into buying one of these miracle products, and after using them we come to find out that exactly what we knew all along deep down inside that was going to happen happened, IT DIDN'T WORK!!! Are there really any supplements out there that truly work? or, are all these supplements just gimmicks to take your money?

Most people when wanting to get FIT seek to get the best supplements available but no matter how many supplements you take that alone will not get you FIT. Supplements are literally just that A SUPPLEMENT, which means it's there to help supplement your fitness program, but many think that supplements are their actual fitness program. Again just like with everything else, if you take most supplements and read the fine print, it will tell you that this supplement has to be accompanied by diet, and exercise. The reason is that only diet and exercise can actually get you FIT. Now certain supplements can help you, but the help is very minimal and you have to be dieting and exercising 100% right so that these supplements can maybe help you 2%. Weight loss pills,teas, body wraps, waist trainers etc. are a perfect example of this. Try using any one or those without dieting, and exercising, and see how much fat you will lose, I bet you won't see much. I can tell you that most supplements are BULL SHIT! but that doesn't mean that there aren't a few that actually do work and if accompanied by the proper Meal Plan and Workout Routine for your fitness goal they can definitely help you get there a bit faster and easier.

To get Fit YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS, but if you have extra money there are a few supplements that would definitely be worth the money. A Multivitamin & Mineral is a great supplement because no matter how healthy you eat, it's really hard to get all the vitamins & Minerals you need in a day. Also, a Whey Protein shake is a great supplement because it will help you increase your daily protein intake without having to eat solid foods all the time. Increasing your protein intake, for the most part, will help you lose body fat, and build and repair muscle mass.

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