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How To Skyrocket Your Progress and Finally Reach Your Fitness Goal

I believe everyone that wants to get Fit would want to do it as fast as possible but i'ts not like that for everyone. I've seen many people throughout my 16 years of experience just do a complete 360 and get so focused and determined that they reach their goals within 3 months, not only do they look different but they also seem like they're a completely different person. I've also seen people go to the gym for years and years and not make an ounce of progress, now what's the difference here? How can someone transform their life within 3 months and others spend years at the same level? In today's blog I will reveal to you what it takes to break through the rut you're in and finally start moving towards your fitness goals quickly.

Train Like You Want it -

So you really want to get Fit right? Then you really need to start training like it. Time and time again I see people training just trying to get the workout done a soon as possible and this is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Those last few reps that are so hard to get out are the one's that have to be done as strict as possible and with all your heart and soul, this is how you get results. If you are doing an exercise for 15 reps the last 5 are the ones that are giving you progress the first 10 reps DON'T MEAN SHIT! What is going to make your body change are the one's that you need to really focus and force out. If you don't feel like that then you are just working out for the sake of working out, and that's probably why you have looked the same for so long. Proper form is very important as well, you can't just do the exercise to get all the reps out because you are doing the exercise to target a certain area. Just because someone is doing a certain exercise doesn't mean they are really targeting the area that they want. For example someone can be doing a Back Exercise and doing back exercises with the wrong form can easily turn them into Bicep exercises. If you have a goal in mind that you need to reach then you no longer are working out you are now TRAINING. You have a fitness goal in mind and you need to achieve that goal as fast as you can so you have to really dedicate yourself to the training. Next time you are Training make sure you are giving it your all and are doing the right form from the first rep all the way to the last rep.

Eat Like You Want It -

If you want results then you need to EAT like you want them simple as that. You can train all day long but if you aren't eating the right types of foods you will get little to no results. Eating right is a big percentage of your results quite possibly over 70 % of it. I'm a great advocate of having a cheat meal but only when well deserved. Don't miss a few of your workouts and cheat most of the week and then say " hey it's my cheat meal day" and still cheat, this will just put you on road of stagnant results. Respect that your diet is a large part of your fitness goal and follow through so you can finally reach your fitness goal, remember you can't out exercise a bad diet, you really can't!

Act Like You Want It -

You want to know why most people don't get the results they want? It's because some people come into this fitness thing thinking like their whole life and way of living isn't about to change. If you really are serious about attaining your fitness goal then a lot in your life is going to change everything from the foods you eat to the social gathering and friends you hang out with. If most of your friends are the type that like to eat fast food all the time and binge drink on the weekends then I don't think you will be hanging out with them for a while. Some people can but it's definitely going to be hard to eat your veggies while your friend is scarfing down a pie of pizza, or when everyone is drunk and you are the only one sober.. If you want results then you have to act like it. Not only will you be on a diet from your favorite foods but also your old way of living and this is what really separates the one's who get slow results and the one's who get the fastest results.


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