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Do At Home Workout Training Videos Really Work?

Exercise videos are a very popular weight loss instrument nowadays, you pop in the video, and by only exercising 20 minutes a day you can look as FIT as the person doing the exercises on the video right? Is it really that easy? Did that person really get that body by only doing that workout 20 minutes a day? There's millions of different workouts that people look up and many different at home training videos sold on a daily basis, but yet many people still haven't been able to reach their fitness goals. In today' blog I will go over how effective are these workouts and is it really going to take you to your goal?

Now don't get me wrong, if you aren't doing any exercise at all, and you are doing one of these video workouts, you will definitely get some results. If you aren't used to doing any form of exercise, and all of a sudden you started walking every day for a month, you will lose weight too. So it's not necessarily because of the video, but because you are actually doing some form of exercise. My problem with these videos is that they are too generic, not everyone will be able to do these exercises from the beginning. Everyone starts at a different fitness level so these videos won't work for everyone. Even if you were able to do the exercises, everyone is shaped differently, so even though you might lose weight when it's all said and done, will your body look the way you truly want it to look? Probably not! That's because these exercises aren't customized for your body. If someone is 6 feet tall, 200 lbs and someone else is 6 feet tall, 200 lbs their body is composed differently. One might have more muscle mass than the other person, and one might have more body fat than the other person. As you can see, doing the same generic exercises just won't cut it because everyone is shaped differently. If someone needs to get bigger legs, there won't be a specific exercise on that video that will target the legs as that person would need it compared to someone else.

These workout videos are great to get you started but to truly reach your fitness goal, you will need a customized meal plan, and workout routine for your specific body, and goals. Just because you follow exactly what I eat, and the exercises I do doesn't mean that you will ever look like me, and vice versa. If I ate what you ate and did the exercises you do, I would never look like you because we are different people with different genetics. Keep this in mind as you continue your fitness journey.


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