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5 Unbelievable Benefits Of Weight Training

When most people think about weight training they think of big muscular meat heads that are just picking stuff up and putting it back down, but this couldn't be any farther from the truth. Weight training isn't just for people who want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in fact weight training is for anyone who is looking to be Healthy and Fit no matter the age or gender. In today's blog we will cover 5 unbelievable benefits of weight training that you didn't know about that will motivate you to start pumping some iron right away.

1. Build The Body You've Always Wanted - The difference between just doing basic exercises and cardio versus weight training is that you can actually use the weights to help mold your body. See you can do exercise and cardio to get you healthier and fit but you might not look how you intended to look. For example if you do something like P90x at home or take aerobic classes or zumba yeah you are burning calories and might be losing weight but chances are you aren't going to come out with a well balanced toned physique. Everyone's genetics and structures are different, if two people are training in squats it doesn't mean that both people will get the same results on their legs. One of them might develop more muscle on the Quadriceps (front of the leg) and the other person might build more hamstrings (back of the leg). In order to balance out their physiques each person will have to do certain exercises to target that weaker muscle. This is something that only weight training can help you do.

2. Muscle Fights Fat - The more muscle you have the leaner you will be and that's because for each pound of muscle you have your body will burn about 50 calories. So now imagine if you added 10 lbs of muscle to your overall physique, this would mean that your body will be burning 500 calories on a daily basis whether or not you workout. Now with your body burning these extra calories you can either eat more without the fear of gaining weight or you can do less exercise. Having more muscle turns your body into a fat burning machine doing cardio alone or other exercises that do not help add muscle will not help you with this benefit.

3. Mentally Stronger - Weight training makes you mentally stronger and this benefit can carry out into the real world. When you first go and train for the first time most people are humbled and realize they aren't as strong or have the control over their body like they thought they did. You will need to make big changes to your habits, work ethic, and lifestyle in order to achieve your fitness goals and those changes don't come without strengthening and improving your mind. Seeing yourself progress and lifting heavier loads will give you more confidence because it shows you that even though you couldn't do something at one point you can work towards achieving the goal until you reach it.

4. Stronger Bones - As we get into older age our body starts to deteriorate. Not only do we start to lose muscle mass but we also lose bone mass as well which can lead us to live a very low quality of life. You don't have to be old and crippled waiting for people to help you get around. Weight training will not only help you maintain and add muscle mass but it also strengthens your bone mass lowering the risk of osteoporosis. if you do your research you will see that people that weight trained and continued to weight train as they get older are still very mobile and their quality of life is not impacted due to their old age.

5. Stress Relief - Most people go through a lot of everyday stress between work, school, family etc. Without having an outlet to release all this built up stress it's no wonder many of us resort to drugs and alcohol to try and help stabilize our minds. Now you can lay off the booze and drugs because you won't be needing it anymore all you simply have to do is weight train. When we exercise Endorphins are released into the brain making us feel happier and relaxed. This is the same thing that happens when we feel happy or laugh. Endorphins are chemicals which stimulate feelings of happiness. So the next time you are feeling down or stressed you are just a dumbbell away from happiness.

There you go guys if these 5 out of many benefits don't get you excited to pump some iron and finally reach your fitness goals I don't think anything will. If you are interested in reaching your fitness goals and feel lost and don't know what to do feel free to do one of our customized programs you won't regret it.

- FitnessWithFlex

- FitnessWithFlex

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