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One Of The Easiest Ways To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Even though all calories aren't equal a reduction of your overall calorie intake is what will have to be done in order to lose excess body fat. Just like with any diet plan you will have to eat less to cut calories out, but maybe eating less isn't the problem maybe drinking less of your calories will be easier. Some of us consume most of our calories through drinks believe it or not with things like ice tea, soda, fruit juices etc. and what's so bad about these drinks is that they are very high in sugar. In today's blog we will go over one of the easiest ways to reduce your daily sugar intake so that you can start moving quicker towards your fitness goal.

Reducing your calories will help you lose weight but it's not so much about the calories but about the types of foods you are consuming. When you have foods that are high in sugar your body releases Insulin. While insulin is active in your body your body won't be able to burn fat efficiently and it actually signals the body to store the unused energy as body fat. So as you can see not only do you need to reduce your calories but you should actually be reducing the calories that are coming mainly from high in sugar foods. The easiest way to do this is by cutting out drinks in general. Try to only consume water and not only will you be reducing a whole bunch of calories but you also wont be in taking so much sugar.

A natural fruit juice might sound healthy but this is probably the easiest way to go over your daily sugar intake. The average man should only be in taking at most 36 grams of sugar and the average female about 25 grams per day, but look how easy it is to go over that amount even just by eating so called healthy. One large Apple contains 25g of sugar, If I gave you 4 apples to eat you might only be able to eat 2 and feel full because the apple also contains Fiber which makes you full faster. Now if you juiced the apples you will definitely be able to eat 4 or more apples because the Fiber was taken out. You would go from having 50g of sugar and feeling full to 200g of sugar or more and feeling hungry. Nature made a perfect product but through machines and alternatives we make it so we consume more sugar than we normally would.

As you guys can see it's very easy to consume excess sugar through drinks. Starting a new fitness lifestyle can be very hard at first but taking small steps like reducing your drink intake can help you start losing body fat as you get more comfortable and start reducing other bad foods in your life. If you need help with what foods you need to eat to achieve your fitness goals feel free to try out one of our programs.

- FitnessWithFlex

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