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Why You Need To Do Mobility Exercises Now Before It's Too Late

One big mistake many gym goers do and I will include myself in this as well is that we get too caught up in working out to look good. Of course we want to look good that's one of the main reason why people get into Fitness but we also have to consider other important physical attributes like mobility. When you are young you can get away with training like an animal and not worry much about things like stretching or mobility exercises because your body recovers quickly and you are still pretty flexible from your youth years, but as years go by your flexibility starts to leave you and things that seemed easy before like squats and lunges aren't so easy anymore. I myself when I first started training was just blinded by my fitness goal that I didn't worry too much about stretching, flexibility or mobility but as I got more experienced and older I now know the importance of it all. We go to the gym to get Fit and Healthy but if you aren't mobile you are missing out on a big part of your health. In today's blog we will go over the importance of doing mobility exercises so that you can not only look good but also be healthy overall to reach your fitness goal quicker.

Mobility is our ability to move around free without causing stress to your body. How flexible you are depends on the range of motion of our muscles. Mobility and flexibility aren't the same but they both assist each other. As we get older we become less mobile this is why it's very important to include mobility exercises to your routine. Your body adapts to what you consistently do, so if you are constantly working on your mobility you will be very mobile, if all you do is sit around all day your mobility will be horrible. Being more mobile will improve the range of motion of your joints, muscles, improve your posture, give you more body awareness and also help alleviate aches and pains caused by training or not training.

Mobility training isn't for the older people, you can do mobility training at any age to help keep your body healthy and mobile. Even if your mobility isn't so great right now it is something that will improve as you keep doing more of it. Unlike weight training where it will show on your body that you do work out because you will get a more toned muscular physique, mobility training is something that you will feel rather than see. You will feel less stiff just after a few sessions and as you continually do it you can also see great improvements in other activities or exercises that you might do.

Incorporate your mobility training as a warm up to your normal exercises or you can even do them on your rest days. If you are someone who suffers from lower back pain, knee issues, arthritis, etc.. mobility training can definitely benefit you. I can attest to you that it does help I'm someone who has suffered from hip, knee and lower back problems and ever since I started incorporating mobility work into my exercise routine the pains I used to feel are almost non existent. I hope this blog has served you well and prevents you from getting any injuries or set backs. The less setbacks your have on your fitness journey that faster you will arrive to your fitness goals.

- FitnessWithFlex

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