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The One Exercise You Need To Build Big Boulder Biceps.

We have so many muscles in the body yet when someone asks to see how strong you are the first thing we do is Flex our Biceps. It's funny how no one ever Flexes their legs or back which are larger muscle groups. It's actually kind of ironic to Flex a small muscle like the bicep to show that you're strong. The arms are a body part that usually gets more exposure than any other part of your body. You can hide your legs in jeans but unless you're planning to wear long sleeves your whole life your arms are bound to get exposed sooner or later. I've seen many people train biceps for hours and do all these crazy exercises to get barely any results. In today's blog I'm going to share with you the best exercise to turn those little pebbles you call biceps into boulders.

I know you've been told to do bicep curls to build your biceps and sure they definitely do build them up but are they as efficient at building them compared to other exercises? In weight training there's two different types of movements, Compound Movements and Isolation Movements. A Compound movement is when you are using multiple joints to do the exercise. For example in a bench press you are moving the shoulder and elbow joint, in squats you are using the hips and the knees. With a compound movement you will be able to lift a lot more weight because you are using many different muscles to move the weight. In an Isolation Movement instead of using multiple joints only one joint moves. For examples in a chest fly only the shoulder joint moves, in a bicep curl only the elbow joint is moving. Isolation movements isolate only one muscle group instead of multiple muscles like a compound movement would. This means you will always lift less weight in isolation movements. If you want a muscle to grow you really have to stress it out and overload it to make it grow and there's no better way than to lift heavy.

Believe it or not the best exercise to build your biceps isn't bicep curls it's actually Pull ups which is a compound movement. Yeah pull ups is primarily a back exercise but your biceps also assist you in any back exercise you might do. You pulling yourself up is overloading your biceps up with way more weight than those 20 lbs dumbbells you've been curling for a few months. Even if you are curl 40 lbs on each arm it's still nowhere near the same stress as pulling yourself up. Now pull ups are no easy feat it definitely takes a lot of strength and even if you can't do them just yet keep trying them and eventually you will get stronger. Don't stop with just regular pull ups either, once you get the hang of it start switching grips and widths. The version of the pull up that will work your biceps the most will be the Chin ups since you will be in a underhand position. Master the pull up and you might not want to wear long sleeves again.

- FitnessWithFlex

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