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Is Liposuction The Shortcut To Getting Fit

If becoming FIT was easy to do everyone would be FIT. The truth is that Getting FIT is one of the hardest things you can ever try to do. Eating right and working out isn't just expensive to do but it's also very time consuming. If you are disciplined enough and follow through on a good meal plan and workout routine you will definitely see results, but once you stop the results will slowly but surely fade away. Fitness is something you have to do 24/7 365 days a year. Fitness isn't something you can just turn off or clock out from. Now we are in an age where cosmetic surgeries are seen everywhere like on TV or magazines and this fad has spread to everyday normal people as well. One surgery that is very popular is Liposuction. This surgery has the ability to do what exercise and diet can't which is spot reduce. You can actually zone where you want to remove body fat from. This sounds Amazing! No Diet or Exercise, all you have to do is surgically remove the body fat. In today's blog we will talk about if Liposuction surgery is really worth getting.

One thing that I have heard so many times throughout all my years of training clients is how to spot reduce. " I just want to lose my belly fat, or I just want to lose the fat in my arms, or I want to lose my stomach but not my butt or boobs." Here's the thing, it's impossible to lose body fat from only one part of your body, and not anywhere else, so basically anything that you've seen that has ever claimed to do this is deceiving you. It's like saying I only want to lose fat from my right arm, but not my left arm. How many people have you seen with one arm bigger than the other, in fact how many overweight people have you seen with a flat stomach? The body doesn't work like that, when you lose body fat you will lose body fat everywhere equally. Even if all you did was workout your legs, not only will your legs lose body fat, but so will your arms, stomach and the rest of your body will also have gone down in body fat as well. There's no possible way to spot reduce. For this reason Liposuction Surgery can be very appealing to many.

Liposuction Surgery is the only way you can possibly remove body fat from any part of your body. The only problem with this is that you will look unproportioned. Imagine you remove all the fat from your stomach and finally have a flat belly without having to diet and exercise, this is awesome, right? Well, how are you going to look with a flat stomach while you still have a double chin, fat on your arms, fat on your legs, and fat on your back? To look normal, you will have to get liposuction all over your body, if not it will look evident you had surgery. This surgery still isn't the way out because even though it looks like a short cut and you're beating the system you really aren't. Even after liposuction surgery you will still have to diet and exercise to maintain the results of the surgery, if not you will regain the fat you surgically removed. If at the end of the day you will still have to diet and exercise then why even get surgery??? Everyone has different reasons why they get liposuction and I'm in no way knocking it but if you are doing it because you think you will be skipping the diet and exercise part then you shouldn't get the surgery because you will still have to. You might as well save the money and pain and just do it right from the start.

- FitnessWithFlex

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