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Are You Tired Of Falling For Fitness Scams and Gimmicks?

I can almost guarantee that everyone has at one time or another been tricked into buying a Fitness Gimmick or Scam. If you've never bought one of those then I'm sure you've heard many Fitness Misconceptions some that you might even think to be true to this day. If you are tired of getting mixed information on fitness, or tired of giving your money away to Fitness Scams and Gimmicks claiming to get you fit then our NEW E-book is for you. The FitnessWithFlex Real Results No Gimmicks Guide To Getting Fit Volume 1: Misconception, Scams and Gimmicks is a great book that will explain to you why these scams and gimmicks don't work and why some things you think you might know about Fitness are Misconceptions. The only way not to get sidetracked and get Fit is by knowing what doesn't work and why it doen't work. Below I share with you TWO of many Common Misconceptions from our E-book that you may not know about.

2. Do ABS Everyday To Get ABS- Many think that the only way to get ABS is by doing ABS every day. First off guys, everyone already has ABS, it's part of the human body. Now if you can actually see your ABS is a different story. To see your ABS you have to be in a low enough body fat level. You can workout ABS all you want, but unless your diet is in check, you will never ever see them. Working out ABS is doing just like working out the actual Abdominal muscles, you can get them bigger, stronger for sure, but only losing body fat will reveal them. So forget about special AB exercises or machines or having to work them out every single day. Get the right meal plan for you, and you will finally see your ABS.

8. The Weight Scale- Believe it or not, the weight scale can be your biggest enemy when it comes to getting fit. When you step on the scale, it will give you a number of how much you weigh overall. Your overall weight is a mixture of body fat, muscle mass, and water weight, but the scale can't tell you exactly how much of that weight is actual body fat, and how much is muscle mass so as you can see the scale is really irrelevant in reaching your fitness goals. When losing weight you want to make sure you are losing the right type of weight, and by the right type of weight I'm talking about body fat only not muscle mass. It makes no sense for you to put in the hard work, and sacrifice to lose weight, and it ends up being the wrong type of weight. I had this client that before we even started training she had lost 40 lbs on her own. She was satisfied with how she looked with clothes on, but when she took her clothes off she had hangy stretchy skin, and still looked fat. I explained to her that even though she lost a lot of weight, she lost the wrong type of weight. Something went wrong in either her nutrition or workout routine that caused her to lose more muscle mass than actual body fat. She was so obsessed with losing 40 lbs that she did anything in her power to make the numbers on the scale go down. Now people might think WOW she lost 40 lbs, that's great, but if 30 of the 40 lbs you lost was muscle mass instead of body fat, then it makes no sense because technically you still have all that body fat on you. Instead of looking good, you will end up looking way worse than when you first started. Remember the weight scale is not necessary to get fit, this is a very hard concept to grasp especially for beginners who have been conditioned to think that how much you weigh determines whether or not you are fit and not the way you look and feel.

If you are looking to save time and money from future Fitness Misconception, Scams or Gimmicks that are out there

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