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Do Classes At The Gym Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Hello Ladies, summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get those workouts in. When most of us go to the gym we have no idea what to do. Some of us rely on having a gym partner so we can follow their lead, but sometimes our gym buddy doesn’t always follow through with the schedule. We are left to go alone feeling very lost and having no idea what to do. Most of us in this situation would join an aerobics, spinning or Zumba class at the gym. These classes will definitely make you break a sweat but are these classes enough to give you a body you can always feel confident about?

Like I speak about in my other blog Do You Have The Right Personal Trainer the only way that you will be able to get to your fitness goal is by having a customized mea plan and workout routine. The customized meal and workout routine should be in accordance with the type of goal you have. For example, do you want to shed off body FAT and have a toned proportionate look? Are you skinny looking to gain some muscle? Do you have any injuries? Are you allergic to any foods? All these factors should go into account so that you can have the proper nutrition and workout routine for you to meet your goals, now that we know this information let’s see if these classes will be beneficial for us?

Ladies there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on what your fitness goals are. For some of us our workout routine might require cardio and others may not. If you are a person who’s fitness goal might require cardio and you are bored of being on the treadmill for an hour, but you really like dancing then joining a Zumba class can be a great way to dance your cardio away. Taking an Aerobics or spinning class are also two different forms of cardio that you can do instead of being on the elliptical or treadmill. If you’re a person who hates doing cardio you don’t always have to join a class at the gym try to make your cardio fun and different, like jump rope, walk around the neighborhood with your dog or a bike ride at the park. Keeping your cardio sessions different can be a great way to keep you motivated and consistent with your cardio.

Unfortunately these classes alone aren’t going to give you a lean and toned proportionate look. In order for you to obtain that look you need to eat the right foods and do resistance training. Some women are afraid of the weight room because they think they might get too muscular, but like I explained in my other blog Will Lifting Weights Make Women Look Manly that isn’t true at all. In fact the only way to achieve a nice well balanced toned physique is through weight training. Ladies having the right meal plan is 70% of your results regardless of your fitness goal. If you are not eating the right food and take Zumba, Spinning or Aerobics every day you are going to see little to no results. You might still burn some calories if you go from not doing anything at all to taking a cardio class 3 times a week, but because you are not feeding your body the proper nutrients you run the risk of burning more muscle than fat. When you burn mostly muscle you can be left with loose and droopy skin.

Imagine putting in all that hard work and dedication to see no progress, that would leave anyone discouraged and with a feeling of wasted time. Ladies let’s make sure we do things the right way so that we can feel confident about our bodies this summer!


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