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3 Ways To Lose Fat Without Exercising

When we think of losing fat the first thing that comes to mind is doing all out cardio and getting drenched in sweat, but what if I told you it's POSSIBLE to lose fat without exercising. 70% of losing fat has to do with what you actually eat not how much exercise you do. Your workouts will only give you about 30% of you results. I've had many clients lose weight just by eating the right foods for their body type. Now I don't recommend not doing any exercise at all either. Exercise is important to help you continue to lose fat, but if you are pressed for time and just aren't ready to train yet here are 3 ways to lose fat without exercising.

No Juice or Soda - You wouldn't believe how much fat you can lose just by reducing or stopping your juice and soda intake. These beverages are very high in simple sugars which causes a high insulin spike in your body. While insulin levels are high your body can't burn fat at a optimized level. Instead of having juice or soda try replacing it with water which is what your body really needs. If it's too hard to quit cold turkey try drinking diet soda or diet juices, some of them taste great and most have no carbs or calories so you can't get fat off of them. Another alternative is to add water to you juice that way in the long run you are drinking less overall and are cutting out some calories.

Increase Your Protein Intake - Protein makes your body produce various hormones some in which tell your body to burn fat and add muscle. The digestion of protein also makes the digestion process a bit harder making your body burn more calories. If you are able to increase your daily protein intake you will lose body fat a bit faster. An easy way to increase your protein is through shakes. Try having 2 or three lean protein shakes a day even if you don't change your overall eating habits you should still see some fat loss.

Carb Cycle - Carbohydrates is the main fuel source that the body likes to use. If we have too many carbohydrates our body will store the excess amount as body fat. On days that you aren't doing much physical activity it might not be necessary to eat many carbs. Some people do carb cycling in which on training days they eat higher in carbs and on non training days they follow a lower carb diet. By doing this cycle you will still feel energized during your workouts, but by skipping a few days of carbs you will also reduce your overall calorie intake causing fat loss.

Try these easy 3 easy tips to lose fat without exercising and see what results you get within 2 weeks. After seeing what you can do just by making some changes to your diet, your next step is to incorporate a training routine to continue your transformation. If you aren't sure how to reach your fitness goal and need some help try one of our programs, we can create you a customized meal plan and workout routine designed specifically for your body type and fitness goal. If you know exactly what to eat and exactly what exercises to do you will reach your fitness goal in no time.


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