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Why Injuries Or Disabilities Shouldn't Prevent You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Hello Ladies, summer’s here and most of us want to start taking action towards achieving our fitness goals but not all of us are fortunate enough to be in perfect health or physical condition. For some of us our health and body might limit us from doing certain things like walking, jumping, running, etc. No one is the same some of us may suffer from prior injuries like broken bones, surgeries of any sort or suffer from health conditions like arthritis, lupus, heart diseases etc. But unless told by your doctor these injuries or illnesses should not be the reason to call quits and not reach your goals. Today’s blog is going to be about should you let your disability or illness define you, and should it keep you from reaching your fitness goals?

If you suffer from an illness or an injury but want to get started with a consistent routine at the gym make sure to first consult your doctor. Don’t be stubborn and workout anyway because you might worsen something that can easily be fixed and be out for a longer time. If your Doctor gives you the green light then your DISABILITY should not be your excuse for not working out or eating right use it for motivation. I know that suffering from an old injury can be stressful in many ways one of them being that you might feel like you can’t get a good workout in or that it might cause pain and worsen your injury. The first thing you must do besides talking to your doctor is come to terms with the fact that you have an injury or old injury and learn as much as you can about it. That way u can create a customized workout routine that will help you maintain a toned healthy body and also help strengthen your injury so that it can get better and also recover quicker,

If you suffer from an illness like lupus, cancer, diabetes etc. use your illness as your motivation to be able to get to your goal. Through that find the passion to want to better your quality of life. Trust me take it from experience. I have helped my mom that is a lupus and breast cancer survivor. She has lived with lupus for 16 years and breast cancer for 2. Working out and eating right has done nothing more than better her quality of life. Through doing both things she can now live a life full of excitement versus her waking up every morning not knowing if today will be her last. Eating right and working out should help optimize the strength of your bones, muscles, immune system, organ function etc. Your Illness might not go away from one day to another but think about how much less stress your body and heart are going through when you aren’t putting in those horrible foods that create inflammation, sugar levels to rise along with bad cholesterol and many other negative things. Giving your body the right foods and training will allow your body to heal faster. Now when you do feel sick your body will have all the resources to help make your body feel better.

I know that living with an injury or illness can make you feel intimidated when at the gym, because you see that the workouts your doing aren’t the workouts everyone else is doing. Ladies who gives a DAM be proud of your achievements this far. Think about how many people there are in the world that are using their injury or illness to define them, doing nothing about it and giving up on living an exciting life. Like we speak about in our other blog Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 To someones 20 not everyone starts off the same nor do you know how far they have gotten. This is why it is extremely important to do what is right for you, but I know it can be hard to come up with one on your own. With any of our programs the meal plans and workout routine that we give are all customized. It is important that you work with your illness or injury not against it. We must always listen to our bodies trust me when your body isn’t capable of doing certain movements it will let us know. It's extremely important that we do not ignore this vital sign. That can cause injury or it can traumatize you enough to never want to go back.

Alright ladies there you have it do not become your disability, you are just a person who just needs different accommodations that’s all. Trust me eating the right meals and doing the exercises that are right for your body will help you have an easier more enjoyable life. Oh and if the gym is still an intimidating place for you check out my other blog on doing your workouts at home. I hope that helped until next time.

- FitnessWithFlexHers

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