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3 Healthy Oils You Must Add To Your Diet (Part 1 Of 3) Macadamia Nut Oil

Hello ladies, when most of us are sticking to a healthy meal plan we are usually scared to add too much to our foods, we think the less we add the better is it. People tend to add less salt, less seasoning and are also afraid to cook with any oils. Most of us think that if we eat less fat we will gain less body fat but this isn't necessarily true, for more on that matter check out my blog Do Fats Make you Fat. Throughout my experience of being a personal trainer I usually get the same question over and over, which isn’t bad because way back when before I started this was a question I also had, which is can I use a little oil when I cook? Today’s blog will be a 3 part series on oils that are healthy for you, we will focus today on 1 of 3 oils that you don’t have to be afraid of and I encourage you to use because they can help you get to your fitness goals a lot quicker.

Macadamia Oil-

Macadamia oil comes from the macadamia nut which is a native Australian nut. Macadamia oil provides many health benefits due to their high manganese content. Manganese helps your body deposit new bone tissue so that your bones can always remain strong and healthy. This is very important for everybody but especially for us ladies that have higher chances of developing osteoporosis as we age. This super food also helps with the healing of wounds helps protect your cells from free radical damage and supports a healthy metabolism, remember a healthy metabolism = the faster our body can burn unwanted body fat . This oil is great too cook with because the high temperature will not damage the fat and it also add amazing flavor to your foods or shakes. Trust me every time I have my chocolate protein shake I add some macadamia oil and it helps me feel satisfied for longer. It also adds a thickness to the shake so you don't feel like your drinking a watered down shake. It may sound weird but it gives it a macadamia cookie like flavor too it's the BOMB.

So ladies there you have it make sure to incorporate this healthy super fat that will improve and strengthen bones , boost your metabolism, heal wounds and optimize your overall health. Who said we couldn’t cook with oil when you’re dieting? If they did make sure to tell them to read this blog. Also Stay tuned for part 2 where I'm going to be telling you the benefits of COCONUT Oil and and why you should be using it.


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