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How Probiotics Can Take Your Health To Another Level

Most of us know that in order to live a long youthful life we must stay active along with eating as healthy as possible. We know the base of following a healthy diet consist of drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of green veggies and staying away from too much refined sugar, but do we ever give importance to the smaller things that can have a great impact on our state of mind, mood, energy levels and so much more. In today’s blog I'm going to tell you the many benefits of adding probiotics to your diet and 12 Probiotic foods you can consume to take your health to another level .

Probiotic- Probitocs can help with clearing up the skin if you suffer from acne, eczema in children, inflammation in the bowel, digestion health, hormone balance, helping to detoxify the body, boost immune system, energy levels, assist with nutrient absorbtion and liver detoxification. You can take probiotics in supplement form, powder form that you can add to drinks or food and also in foods like the ones I’ve listed below

1. Organic yogurt

2. Sauerkraut ( fermented cabbage and other vegetables)

3 .Kimchi (Fermented cabbage)

4. Olives

5. Pickles

6. Kefir (Fermented soy beans)

7. Coconut kefir (fermented Young coconut juice with kefir grain)

8 .Kamboucha tea (fermentation of black tea)

9. Asparagus

10. Miso ( Fermented cooked beans)

11. Natto (Fermented soy beans)

12. Raw cheese

So don’t forget to think about the small things that will make a large impact when it comes to your meal plan. Having a healthy digestive system and improving your overall health will contribute massively to helping you reach your fitness goal as fast as possible.


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