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How To Achieve Your New Years Fitness Resolution Part 1 of 4

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution and only followed through on it for a few days or weeks, to then have the same New Years Resolution the following year and still not be able to achieve it? If you came up short in past years what makes you think that this year will be any different? You want to know why you haven't been able to follow through on your New Years resolution? It's because you've waited for the New year to actually start it. You haven't trained or eaten right pretty much all year round and you just came off a TWO WEEK Holiday spree of just eating, drinking and partying and you expect to wake up one day and do everything completely different from what you are normally accustomed to doing. This is a sure plan to repeat all the other years you came up short on your goals. In this FOUR PART SERIES I'm going to guide you through what you have to do to achieve your New Years Fitness Resolution This Year.


When someone plays a sport or does some type of physical activity you won't really see them going full blast from the beginning. Everyone has to warm up a bit first to get the body warm and primed for the feats you will ask it to do. Not warming up will just put you at a very high risk of possibly injuring yourself and setting you back from your goals and its the same with your resolution. Instead of going at it full force New years day, what you need to do is warm up and start practicing from now. Start eating right and exercising from right now so that you can start to get used to the new routine a few weeks before New Years Day. Since you are starting your routine before the holiday festivities even starts, it gives you some time to actually lose some weight and rev up your metabolism. Now you will gain less weight during the holiday events and also start off your new years resolution with a few weeks of practice. It wont be as hard to get into your Fitness Routine since its something your body is accustomed to already for a few weeks.

If you are interested in really reaching your Fitness Goals Try our Coaching Program we will create a Customized Meal plan & Workout Routine designed specifically for your body and fitness goal. Apart from following the Meal Plan and Exercises, we will be in Contact with you 7 days a week to make sure you are following everything correctly and we will also be available for any question or concerns 7 days a week. The meal plan is the most important part of any transformation it's about 70% of your results. The coaching program ensures that you will always get results, and never plateau.

Stay Tuned for PART 2 next week of How To Achieve Your New Years Fitness Resolution

- FitnessWithFlex

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