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I have no time to exercise, what can I do?

If it was easy to Get Fit or Stay Fit you would see everyone in great shape. being Fit isn't an easy task, it can become very time consuming almost like having a second job. Fitness can't be turned off, there is no clocking out from it and just going home to relax. You have to set aside the time to train and keep on top of your water, food and daily rest if you want to achieve any results. Now with the average person working 1 or two jobs and also have a spouse with kids a very common question often heard is " I have no time to exercise, what can I do?" If you are looking for results whether it's to lose weight or build muscle you can't do it without exercise. Everyone has the same 24 hours and it might seem like there's no time but there is enough time if you look hard enough. Now I'm not just saying this I myself have always had a very hectic schedule but no matter what I always found time to train. I remember training at 5 am then going to school, getting out of school and then going straight to work coming home late at night to do it all over again the next day. It's all about making sacrifices for the goals you want to attain in life. In today's blog I'm going to give you a few tips on how you get a quick workout in when you are very pressed for time.

Do a ONE DAY Full Body Weight Training Routine -

If you can just make it to the gym one day a week it might just be enough to get you some results. Set side at least 2 hours one day a week and do a full body workout routine. Focus on the most important lifts for each body part and go all out, all you have is one day so you have to make it count. Most people that weight train do body splits like doing chest shoulders and triceps on Monday and Legs on Tuesday. Usually during a body split routine you are working out your muscles once per week. With the full body routine you are basically doing the same just that you are training your whole body in one day instead of splitting up the workouts throughout the week.

Workout At Home -

Going to and back from the gym can be very time consuming in itself, not to mention once you get there having to wait for equipment to open up for use. If you can save a 20 min drive back and forth and 30 mins overall waiting for equipment you will save well over an hour, and when you are pressed for time a whole hour or more can be very significant. If you train at home you will save a whole lot of time and you can train at your own convenience. You can even split up an hour routine into doing 30 mins before you leave for work and 30 mins before bed.

Train On Your Lunch Break - If you are seriously this busy that the only time you can possibly train is on your lunch break then that's what you're going to have to do. If you have a whole hour for lunch then this actually wont be so hard. You can do a 30 - 40 mins routine and still have 20 mins to clean up and have a meal or shake. Now if all you have is a 30 min lunch break You will have to try and do a quick 15 min routine to still have time left over to clean up and eat. The FitnessWithFlex 9 minute Fat burner would be a great routine for something like this. It might not seem like a long time but if it's all you have it will be way better than doing nothing and you will still get results.

- FitnessWithFlex

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