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How A Strep Throat Can Set Back Your Fitness Goals And 5 Natural Solutions

Hello everyone, one of the most common things that people usually experience once or twice a year is a cold or a strep throat. Getting hit with frequent colds and throat infection can translate into a lot of time off from working towards your fitness goal because we are too busy trying to recover as fast as possible from it. In today’s blog I am going to give you 5 natural solutions you can do at home to help better your symptoms of a common strep throat and how frequently getting a strep throat can set your fitness goal back.

Following a healthy diet will help keep your body in great condition in every aspect like your metabolism will function better, your nervous system, organ function, digestive function and immune function. Maintaining good health will make you less prone to bacteria build up in the body therefore getting fewer colds throughout the year and less infections like strep throat. If you ever do come across a cold or any infection because you are in good health conditions you will be able to get rid of it faster. Also when going through it you have a better chance of it not knocking you off your feet.

You should definitely seek medical attention especially depending on the severity of your infection, But these natural remedies that I am going to give you will help better the symptoms and give your immune system a boost to help fight of the bacteria.

What is a strep throat, a strep throat is bacteria build up causing infection in the throat or tonsils.


  • Red and swollen tonsils

  • Sore throat

  • Red spots and white coating

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Rash

  • Sometimes fever

  • Sometimes stomach pain

  • Head aches

The causes of getting a strep throat can vary from not washing your hands and putting your hands in your mouth, not washing raw foods you eat like fruits and veggies that can carry bacteria, eating from the same plate or drinking from the same cup of someone that is already sick. Most commonly seen in kids ages 5 – 15, elderly and also people will low immune systems.

Natural Treatments

Coconut oil – coconut oil helps you combat bacteria.

Lemon – Drink lemon water throughout the day. Lemons are packed with vitamin c which will help give your immune system a boost and help you repair tissue damage in the throat.

Drink warm fluids- Drink herbal teas and lots of water this will help you sooth irritation and discomfort. Also drinking herbal teas will help you boost your immune system so it can help you fight off the bacteria.

Oregano – have oregano oil or have it in the form of tea because oregano has anti-fungal and antiviral properties.

Salt- Gargling salt preferably sea salt or Himalayan salt water helps to bring down the swelling and create an environment that make is inhospitable for the bacteria in your throat.

Believe it or not getting a strep throat is actually a big set back to your fitness goal especially if you have to get fit for a specific time, like if you have a specific day for a photo shoot , or a physique show or just want to look good for your birthday . So be healthy and say no to strep throat.


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