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How To Find A Good Personal Trainer

Hello everyone, finding a good personal trainer is like finding a good doctor or a good mechanic. It’s extremely hard to find someone we can trust that will steer us in the right direction and that can motivate us enough to get us up and running to the gym. Most people feel that not being able to find the right personal trainer plays a huge factor in why they haven’t met their fitness goals. So how do you know what to look for in a personal trainer if you don't know much about the gym or nutrition? No worries because in today's blog i am going to tell you a few signs you should look for and signs that should set off a red flag.

Signs That You Don't Have The Right Person

- BEWARE! There are many personal trainers out there that get hired because they are genetically thin without having to workout. These trainers know nothing about their bodies let alone will they be able to transform other people’s bodies.

- Then you have trainers that will make you feel like crap for missing out on the the gym in a bad way. Like calling you names, belittling you and making you feel like a failure. Name calling and degrading statements are not the answer. We are only human and no bodies perfect you need some one that will help you out of that rut and remind you about your goal.

- A good trainer shouldn't yell at you because your aren't doing the exercise right, unless you have that type of relation ship with him/her. A good trainer will always understand what level of fitness your in and have the patience to explain to you what your doing wrong and how you can fix it.

Signs That You Have The Right Person

- He/she should motivate you not by yelling,screaming,cursing but by helping you progress. Motivation comes from seeing results; results will give you enough motivation and drive so that you will willingly go to the gym and do everything that’s necessary to reach your fitness goals. What more motivation do you need than seeing yourself in a picture and looking like a hot BABE?

- It is important that your trainer takes a customized approach to your workout routine along with your meal plan because everyone’s body is different. Some people are short, tall, fat, skinny, have a fast metabolism, slow metabolism, etc. So why should everybody follow the same diet or training? What you eat is going to give you 70% of your results. So in reality if you’re not eating the proper nutrition for your fitness goals, then it doesn’t matter if you workout every day for 2 hours you will see little to no results.

- A good trainer will always help you set realistic goals. If you are 5 ft tall and are 200 pounds over weight requesting you have six pack abs in 3 weeks and your trainer say's its possible "RUN". He/She should be passionate over helping you get to your Fitness goal but above that helping you become the healthiest and strongest version of you.

- Last but not least you know when you have a good personal trainer because eventually you will form a great friend ship . A good trainer is going to help you through mental weakness at the gym and when food temptation strikes, remind you that you can accomplish your goal, show you how far you have already gotten and only ever give you beneficial advise on your fitness and health. So how can you guys not become friends more then likely if there not a good trainer there not a good friend and not a good friend = not a good person.

Make sure to look out for these signs when your looking for an awesome personal trainer. But if your tired of looking this blog was meant to answer your prayers. Here at FitnessWithFlex we expertise on helping people change their lives and reach their fitness goals. If you don't believe me check out our before and afters ").


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