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Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

HEY! My awesome ladies many of us think about losing weight and the first thing we think of is Cardio.

Cardio is not evil, It’s a great thing to do especially for your heart, but the truth is that only doing cardio is not going to give you that JLO body. Doing cardio only burns calories as your doing it and maybe for a couple hours later. With only 30 minutes of weight training you will not only burn a lot of calories and build lean muscle, but you will also burn calories throughout the day this is called The After Burn Effect. The awesome thing about this is you don’t have to kill yourself doing a boring 2 hr cardio session to burn calories.

Would You Rather Burn Calories For A Couple Hours or Throughout The Whole Day?

Weight training not only will help us achieve a nice toned lean body but it also has numerous benefits. Weight training makes your muscles stronger and will also help you improve your bone density decreasing the chances of developing osteoporosis.

Another amazing benefit is that it speeds up your metabolism. Muscles are more metabolically expensive than fat so for every pound of lean muscle mass that you have, your body will burn 50 calories. Imagine if you put on 10 pounds of muscle that means that your body will burn 500 calories daily whether or not you exercise. This means you can indulge in more foods without the guilt of putting on much body fat. (So go ahead and have some ice cream after your workout you deserve it)

Last but not least we have body symmetry, the shapes of our bodies aren’t 100% proportionate so If you’re a righty you may notice that your right arm is stronger than your left, along with the strength you may notice that your dominant side has more muscle as well because you do everything with your dominant side, like carry books, write, cook, drive, etc. Weight training allows you to really analyze your body and choose what body part needs more work and gives you the opportunity to work on every muscle evenly. Most females want to lose their tummy fat but they don’t want other body parts to get smaller like their (legs, Gluteus, breast, etc). No one can choose to lose fat from a certain part of their body and not from another, imagine trying to lose fat only from your right arm and not from your left it’s impossible. If you are losing body fat it will happen everywhere at the same time, by weight training you will lose the body fat but you will also gain muscle in the areas you want to keep a certain size.

There you have It ladies weight training is not only for the men, so when you go to the gym with your guy friends or boyfriends you can tell them “show me where the weight are “ Ya Dig!

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