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4 Ways That Will Sabotage Your Fat Loss

What's going guys, Losing body fat for anyone requires a lot of effort. We all feel great seeing our results from following our meal plan very strictly and putting in the hard work during training, but it's hard to stay motivated when you think you're doing everything right and your results seem to have plateaued for a while. This is the stage where many people feel like giving up and most do. Don't give up just yet, you might think you are doing everything 100% right but you just might be sabotaging your fat loss without even knowing it. You might be eating healthy but that doesn't automatically mean you will lose body fat. You might be exercising and doing a lot of it that also doesn't mean you will lose body fat. some of us might think that only by cheating on our diets we will set ourselves back, but there are many ways to set yourself back and they might even seem correct.

4 Ways That will Sabotage Your Fat Loss

Overdoing Cardio - Cardio will help you in fat loss but it's not the way to lose fat. The first thing that comes to people's mind when they want to lose fat is doing a lot of steady paced CARDIO like walking, jogging or using the elliptical machine. If you aren't used to doing any exercise and you started walking 30 minutes everday you would definitely lose some weight even if you continued your normal way of eating without dieting but eventually your progess will halt. Cardio isn't really effective in burning fat because you don't burn that many calories while doing it. A more effective way to lose fat would be to weight train. Weight training makes your body burn calories throughout the whole day instead of just as you do it.

Focusing on Fat loss Instead of Muscle Gains - Many of us just want to get rid of our body fat but if you are skipping the weights then you're definitely sabotaging your progress. The more muscle your body has the more calories your body will burn. Isn't that what you are trying to accomplish while doing 3 hours of cardio? By having more muscle your body will be burning more calories even while resting. one pound of muscle burns about 50 calories. Gain ten pounds of muscle and your body will burn 500 calories daily even if you don't workout. Not only will your body look better but you will be able to eat more options of foods without getting fat.

Trusting Your Naked Eye - We might be eating very healthy and hardly ever cheating and still not see much progress. Just because we eat healthy foods doesn't mean we can't over eat them. Over eating means you are intaking more calories than you should and this will cause your progress to slow down. Don't trust your naked eye too much, if you are eating healthy and aren't seeing progress start measuring your food and make sure you aren't over eating.

Not Eating Enough - Yeah we need to cut calories but you can't cut too much either or it will work against you. We might think that eating less will make us lose fat and it might for a little while, but eventually your body will think it's in a starving state and actually start to hold on to more fat. When eating for your fitness goals you need to make sure you are eating what is right for your body. Eating too much or too little even if it's healthy food will set you back.


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