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Can Fiber Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Quicker?

Hello my Beauties, if you’ve been following our Fitness blogs you should know by now that if we want to shed off that unwanted body fat we should stay away from too many foods with refined sugars. We also know that we should eat healthy fats to help us burn fat, but something that is very important that not too many people ever think about is FIBER. Why Is Fiber So Important? How can we get more Fiber in our diet? what does it do in our bodies? And can it get us closer to reaching our fitness goals?

What is fiber? Fiber is plant matter that is not digestible by our digestive system but some can be digested in the gut by gut bacteria.

So you’re probably telling yourself’ enough with the fancy shmancy talk, is fiber important “? Yes ladies fiber is extremely important because of its many benefits. There are two types of fibers INSOLUBLE and SOLUBLE. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water “pretty much the way you eat it, is the way it will end up coming out because the fiber does not digest in your gut““ewww” I know. But since your body doesn’t digest the fiber it helps scrape the walls of your digestive tract helping you get rid of any hoarded toxins or bacteria buildup. It helps keep your body in a more alkaline state and that’s how you always want it to be. When your body is too acidic it can become a breeding ground for cancers and other diseases.

Then you have soluble fiber, which dissolves in water and is digested by gut bacteria. It helps regulate our bowl movement and creates a jelly like substance which is extremely important because that jelly substance creates a healthy moist gooey wall around your digestive tract that will help get rid of toxins from your body by hooking on to them and getting them out.

When you have insoluble and soluble fiber together it’s like making a dream team. They help you lower your bad cholesterol which will prevent heart disease, help regulate your blood sugar, alleviates you from constipation, hemorrhoids, blood clots and lowers your risks of colon cancer. If all the benefits I’ve told you so far weren’t enough to convince you to start incorporating fiber into your diet” let’s get to the money “Does it help us get to our fitness goals quicker if incorporated in our diets?

Fiber does help us reach our fitness goals quicker and helps us maintain a healthy weight. It allows you to curve the food craving and gives us a satisfied feeling of contentment. Fiber takes longer to digest and it absorbs water causing swelling in the stomach giving you a feeling of fullness and delaying your hunger. Having fiber in your diet will also delay the absorption of carbohydrates and demands less insulin release. When your body is under too much insulin release you won’t be able to burn body fat until your insulin gets under control and fiber helps us do that.

Foods with Fiber:

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Skins of fruits or vegetables

  • Fruits, vegetables

  • Whole grains

  • Legumes

  • Fiber supplements: Checkout the trusted Fiber supplements sold on our store website link below. It makes life easier not having to worry about did we get the right amount of fiber when you’re busy throughout the day.!fitnesswithflexstore/fwu5

There you have it ladies fiber is not only beneficial for our health but it will also help us feel satisfied longer so we don’t crave food we aren’t supposed to eat, which will lead to sticking to our diets and making our fat loss journey much quicker.

Till next time.


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