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4 Things That Will Hinder You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Hello my beautiful ladies, there are many things that can affect your progress and slow you down from reaching your fitness goals. Many of us think that just by going to the gym consistently we will get the body that we dream about. As a trainer that has helped many people I can tell you that going to the gym alone isn’t enough. I’ve noticed most people can’t get beyond a certain point in their fitness and just plateau very quickly after starting a new fitness program. Today I want to go over with you ladies 4 things that can be hindering your progress and keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

Lack of sleep- having a good sleeping pattern is extremely important. Sleep helps us recover from all the muscle tearing we do at the gym. It helps us rebuild strong and lean muscle mass so that we can continue to train and put stress on our bodies so that we can continue making progress. Imagine if you scrape your knee and instead of letting your knee heal you scrape it every day or every other day. Will your knee ever heal? The same thing goes for your muscles if you don’t have the proper rest your muscles will never heal and grow to their full potential. Also no sleep = NO ENERGY, not having the right amounts of sleep can also put a damper on your performance level. Not performing your best during your workouts will eventually lead up to seeing little to NO progress as well. It’s like having a car running for days without turning it off, eventually the battery will die and your car will shut down the same will happen to your body without the proper rest .

Proper Nutrition - you should see your Nutrition as fuel .Your diet should be enough to fuel your strenuous workouts and your every day bodily functions. We go back to the analogy of the car except this time your battery is fine but you aren’t putting the proper fuel in it. Eventually your car will mess up and stop working. Your body will respond the same way if not given the right type of fuel. You will also see little to no progress because your muscles are not given any nutrients for it to repair and rebuild. Nutrition is 70% of the pie when it comes to your results, remember you can’t out exercise a bad diet

Technique- Proper form and technique is the most important part of any exercise you do. Not doing the proper techniques can cause discomfort and injury. Having bad form will make your workouts feel like they really take a toll on your body. A common complaint I get from most people is that their knees hurt when they squat. A simple fix for this is to make sure your knees always remain behind your toes when squatting. This can really help you relieve knee and back pain allowing you to perform at your best and making sure you are getting the full benefit of the exercise. If your technique isn’t too good and aren’t sure what to do try one of our customized programs. We offer customized workout routines for your body and fitness goal that will tell you step by step how to do each exercise with correct form.

Easy Workouts- if your workouts are getting easier then they shouldn’t stay the same. The reason the exercises feel easier is because your body has adapted and is no longer being challenged. When you exercise it puts stress on your body this creates more strength and muscle so that next time your body doesn’t have such a tough time with the same workout. If your workouts remain the same, your body will only maintain the progress you have made up to that point. If you don’t want to maintain your look and want to continue to progress you have to continue to challenge your body once the workouts become easy.

If you’re serious about your goals you definitely need to make sure you are getting more rest so that you can get stronger and build muscle. Make sure that you are eating the proper foods to attain your fitness goals and make sure you have proper technique so you don’t injure yourself.An injury can set you back from a few days to a few weeks if you aren’t careful. Always challenge yourselves ladies, we are training to become better overall doing easy exercises won’t change you for the better. Let’s keep striving for progress!


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