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6 Herbs You Need In Your Diet Now

Eat all your Fruits, Vegetables and HERBS? We all know the benefits we can get from eating fruits and vegetables but there's also Many HERBS & Spices that if taken consistently will help us with our health, longevity and fitness goals. Many of us are looking for the newest supplement to take that will help us with our joints, sleep, weight loss, pain relief etc... You don't need to go to your local supplement shop so that they can sell you a bunch of placebo powders, instead go to you local market and pick up these 6 amazing herbs that Mother Nature made for us.


If you are always at the supplement store looking for something to help your joints try using more Oregano. It contains compounds that FIGHT inflammation in the joint but it doesn't stop there it has been reported to also help fight Cancer Cells and also help with many stomach issues.


Ginger is great especially for beginners after their first training session because it helps with muscle soreness and with pain relief. You don't have to be a beginner to use it though anyone can benefit from Ginger it can also help with joint pain relief as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.


Recovery is one of the most important part of any fitness goal. whether you want to lose body fat or tone up you still have to add muscle mass for either or and you can't do that without the proper rest. Valerian is like a natural tranquilizer it will help you get not only a good night's sleep but it will put you in a deep sleep. Valerian is also great for tension, stress and anxiety.


This spice has many benefits to help you get lean one of them is that it fills your body with enzymes that stop you from storing fat. Curcumin also helps reduce inflammation and muscle loss from dieting.


Basil has many antioxidant, antimutagenic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. it can help with improving your memory, anti depressant, arthritis etc. Consider this amazing herb as a do everything leaf for your health.


Many people hate Cilantro and I'm one of them, but I definitely do still eat it because of it's health benefits. Cilantro is loaded with Vitamin K which your body needs for bone and skin health. This herb is also great to take when having food poisoning.

Before putting supplements or drugs into your body it's a good idea to look to see what nature has to offer. Many people are sick and unhealthy going to doctors looking for cures. A doctor can only prescribe you a pill that is made by the pharmaceutical industry, and they are in the business of creating customers not cures. If you eat right and exercises you won't need much medicaton besides the natural ones at the market.


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