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3 Tips That Will Help You Stay Motivated

Hello ladies, many of us have built a consistent routine around our fitness goals, but when the holidays and cold weather get here we tend to take a detour from our goals and indulge in foods we know aren’t too good for us. It’s very easy to slip up during these times because everyone is walking around bundled up not having to expose themselves in a bathing suit. Then BOOM the holidays are over and the weather starts to get warmer, you start panicking and realize that sweater weather is coming to an end. It’s time to get summer ready! But it can be hard for some of us to get motivated and back on track after stuffing our faces during the winter. In today’s blog I will give you 3 Tips that will not only help you get motivated but stay motivated.

Tip #1 Ask yourself WHY?

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to ask yourself WHY you want to reach your goal? This WHY should be so important to you that just thinking about it should get your heart racing. Your WHY can be many things like, you really want to feel confident about your body when you go to the beach this summer , become more active with your kids or, you could be a step away from getting high blood pressure or diabetes . Having a clear understanding of WHY you want to meet your goal is so important because it will help you build a strong foundation of motivation.

Tip#2 Be Creative With Your Meals

Most of us have a hard time getting back on track especially after thinking about eating the same boring meals every day. Something very helpful to do is to be creative with your food. Try to find different recipes that consist of the foods you have to eat. This will not only motivate you to stay consistent on your diet but you might also just run into your new favorite dish.

Tip #3 Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress is extremely important, not only because it’s going to help you know where your progress is headed, but it will significantly boost up your spirit. FOR example, taking pictures of yourself every week and comparing them will help you see all the progress you have made. When you’re feeling unmotivated to start the gym or diet, pull out your progress pictures so you can remind yourself how far you have come. Ask yourself if it’s really worth throwing it away and going back to how you looked on day one. Trust me this is definitely a big booster that gets me jumping right back into things.

There you have it ladies don’t forget to ask yourself WHY you want to reach your goals, be creative with your food so you never get board of eating them, and last but not lest keep up with your progress. These are 3 quick easy tips that can help you get motivated and stay motivated especially after those holidays filled with super good home cooking.


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