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Enjoy Sweets Without Worrying About Gaining That Much Body Fat

Hello ladies, it sure isn’t an easy task to get into shape, especially around that time of the month where all we want to do is eat sugary foods like cookies and ice cream. For most of us when our monthly friend is around we can feel like our self control has flown out the window. Our menstrual cycle can last up to two weeks, but taking a two week detour from our goals can really set us back. In today’s blog I am going to tell you ladies about an easy affordable secret that I always use to help me stay on track and also enjoy something sweet.

The secret is……. DRUMROLL PLEASE….. STEVIA! This is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant named Stevia Rebaudiana. It’s considered to be a non caloric natural sweetener. Non caloric means that this awesome plant has Zero calories and it’s also 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. Consuming sugar will spike up your insulin levels. This will cause your body to potentially hoard on to more body fat. Even though Stevia is 200 times sweeter than sugar it has Zero calories and it won’t spike up your insulin levels like sugar would. Since Stevia is natural it’s a great replacer for all these artificial sugars like Splenda and Equal that may have numerous amounts of side effects. This natural sweetener is also extremely good for people who have high blood sugar because It helps them stay on top of their insulin levels while still being able to enjoy something sweet.

Stevia is a must have for me, I always carry it in my purse in case I go into a restaurant that doesn’t have it. I put it in my coffee, lemonade, tea, etc…... I also use it when I make granola bars, protein bars or when I bake. Although I might still be having some carbs I’m going to be consuming way less compared to if I had used sugar. Another great thing about this sweetener being non caloric is that you can put as much stevia in your coffee as you please and trust me a little goes a long way.

Ladies this is an extremely affordable fast and easy tip that you can implement into any weight loss meal plan. This will help you curve your sugar craving during any rigid meal plan especially if it’s that time of the month and it will help us stay away from all those artificial sugars that can have tremendous amount of side effects. Incorporate Stevia to make it to your fitness goal a lot faster, or maintain that hot body you’ve worked so hard for. Ladies you can thank me later


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