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5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Refined Sugar From Your Diet

Hello ladies, when most of us are going through some type of emotional stress we tend to turn to the good stuff for comfort (SUGAR) and yes I’m also guilty. When my girls and I go through something emotionally draining like a break up, an argument or our periods we tend to use it as an excuse to have sugary foods that for some reason make us feel good when we are upset. In today’s blog I’m going to give you 5 reasons why cutting out refined sugar from your diet is beneficial for your health and your fitness goal and why we crave it so much especially when we are upset.

1. Reduces Your Levels Of Insulin-

When you stop consuming refined sugar your levels of insulin will lower. Which is awesome because when your levels of insulin are high your body cannot burn stored body fat. Having low levels of insulin makes it easier for your body to tap into stored fat and use it as energy. Which in simple terms means you will be able to burn more body fat.

2. Your Palette Will Change-

After a while of not consuming refined sugar you’re going to start noticing that the things you used to eat that tasted normal before will now taste incredibly sweet. Also because your palette is changing you will now want to consume things with less sugar and still feel satisfied. Your pallets changing will help you in keep that extra refined sugar away because you’re not going to crave it any more.

3.Prevents Tooth Decay-

Eating excessive amounts of refined sugar can help the bacteria in your mouth to flourish causing tooth decay and other dental problems. Less Sugar = healthier teeth and gums.

4. Promotes Digestive Health-

Stopping your consumption of refined or added sugars will improve your digestive systems ability to process food. It will help get rid of constipation and other problems related to your digestive system.

5. Improves Energy Levels-

Consuming too much sugar can cause your body to go through a crash. Consumption of sugar hinders the body from keeping it energy levels high for a long duration of time.

Consuming refined sugar can lead up to a numerous amount of negative side effects on your body besides the 5 that I have listed like inflammation in the body and joints, heart disease, high cholesterol etc . Also because of the high levels of a chemical called dopamine (feel GOOD chemical) released in the brain when you have sugar it will cause you to become addicted and always craving more amounts of sugar. Dopamine is the same chemical released in the brain when you have high consumption of liquor or heroine now you can understand why we crave it so much especially when we are upset . So ladies raid your fridge and get rid of those unhealthy refined sugars that will cause destruction in the body and hold you back from reaching your fitness goals.


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