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3 Healthy Oils You Must Add To Your Diet (Part 2 Of 3) Coconut Oil

Hello ladies, In part one of my three blog series I speak about Macadamia oil and how it can hep you strengthen your bones, boost your metabolism and help heal wounds. If those reasons alone didn't get you to incorporate this super fat into your daily diet then knowing it will help you get to your fitness goal faster should. Like i told you in my last blog today’s blog will be on COCONUT oil. What can coconut oil do for us and is it a smart choice for us to use in the kitchen .

Coconut Oil-

This Amazing oil has a higher smoking point than olive oil, which means that it will take longer for this oil to turn into unhealthy fat and won’t cause free radical damage in your body when you are cooking with it. Coconut oil also has medium chain fatty acids which means that your body can break it down easier causing your body to be able to use it as an energy source, while also helping you with organ function and thyroid function. This amazing super food can help with hydration of your skin and can help people that suffer from eczema. Last but not least this amazing fat also helps to treat ulcers because of it's Lauric acid. Lauric acid also helps kill bacteria and fungal infections. Coconut oil is something that I've been using at least 3 times a week to help hydrate my skin and with all these other benefits it's definitely something I would recommend to be implemented in others diet.

So ladies there you have it make sure to incorporate this healthy super fat that will improve organ function, thyroid function and skin health. Remember the healthier your body is the better your organs will function. That means that you will be able to facilitate your body to burn unwanted body fat and the good thing is that we can find COCONUT oil in our Neighborhood grocery store . Stay tuned for part 3 where i'm going to be telling you about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and if it will help you reach our fitness goals.


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