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3 Healthy Oils You Must Add To Your Diet (Part 3 Of 3)

Hello ladies, In part two of my three blog series I speak about COCONUT oil and how it can hep you improve organ function, thyroid function and skin health. If those reasons alone didn't get you to incorporate this super fat into your daily diet then knowing it will help you get to your fitness goal faster should. Like I told you in my last blog today’s blog will be on Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What can this oil do for us and is it a smart choice for us to use in the kitchen .

Extra Virgin Olive Oil-

Unlike coconut oil olive oil has a low smoke point, heating the oil past it's smoke point can turn this oil into unhealthy fat for the body and producing free radical damage. This is why I recommend this oil to best be consumed when it is room temperature. This Amazing oil is packed with polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant that helps support brain function and heart health. Ladies this oil is especially good for us because it helps lubricate our joints, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Olive oil is also packed with vitamin E which is extremely necessary for healthy elastic and glowing skin and support hormone balance. So for all my women out there suffering from menopause and have a hormonal imbalance definitely incorporate this healthy fat into your diet. I personally drizzle it over my salad and it adds an amazing flavor.

So ladies this is definitely a must have in your pantry. This super fat will help keep our bones and joints strong and healthy as we age. It will also promote healthy glowing skin, who doesn't want to look young? I know I do! Also the healthier and stronger your bones are the better you can perform at the gym and the longer you can be injury free. This will help you make gains faster and help get you to your fitness goal.


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