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4 Super Foods That Will Help You Live A Better Life If You Have Lupus

Hello everyone, some of you that know me know that my mother has lived with lupus for about 21 years now, although it's sad to say I am very glad to be one of the lucky few that have the privilege to still have their mom. Even though it is a joy for me to have her around another day, for her there are days more enjoyable then others. Battling with lupus doesn’t only take a toll on your body but also your spirit. There are days where she won’t feel the smallest ounce of pain in the world and shes as happy as can be, even have the strength to rearrange all her furniture in the living room. There are other days where she can’t get out of bed with pains all over her body especially her joints and without one ounce of strength, lifting her arm can seem like a difficult task. It is at those times that she also feels very weak spiritually, seeing that she can’t fend for herself and do the things she loves let alone the frustration of having to live with random outburst of severe pain. Now some of you may be asking yourselves what is this terrible thing called lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune illness in which the body attacks its own tissue and organs. Lupus can cause high levels of inflammation in the body like joints and organs it can also affect the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs and your thyroid gland. Although there are no cures for lupus there are certain things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms and live a more active satisfying life. In today’s blog I am going to tell you about foods that are anti-inflammatory and will help nourish your body, these foods are also going to help you lower your chances of developing this terrible illness.

Wild caught fish - wild caught fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acid which helps tremendously fight off inflammation or reduce inflammation level. it is very important that you try your best to get fish that are caught in the wild. Taking an omega-3 supplement is a great way to make sure you are getting enough.

Herbs and spices- Herbs and spices like Turmeric, Ginger, oregano and thyme can all help reduce inflammation. Also helps moisturize the skin because having dry itchy skin can be one of the many symptoms.

Fresh Veggies or Cooked Veggies- Have a veggie overload, having a surplus of veggies is going to help your body become more alkaline. The more alkaline your body is the lower your toxin levels are the better every thing in your body will function including your immune system. People with lupus usually have a weak immune system making them more vulnerable to getting a cold or attacked by bacteria, and because there immune system is low it will also take them longer to fight it off. Veggies are packed with fiber and antioxidants that are going to help you maintain a healthy digestive system and help flush out toxins.

Foods High in Probiotics- Taking a daily probiotic or eating probiotic rich foods are going to help keep your GI tract healthy. All the strong toxic medications can kill all your guts good bacteria that helps you fight of the bad bacteria from the things you eat.

So for those of you that unfortunately suffer from lupus follow these 4 tips that although wont cure your lupus it will help you live a more adventure full active life.Even if you do not have lupus these are things that will help lower your chances of developing this illness and give you a healthier life over all. Trust me take it from my mom

- FitnessWithFlexHers

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