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Having Healthy Kidneys Is Crucial To Reach Your Fitness Goal

Hello everyone, when most of us try to live a healthy life style we usually start by doing tons of cardio because we know that it’s a form of great exercise to keep a healthy functioning heart. Most of us would consider our heart one heck of an important organ. Although our heart is extremely important there are other organs in the body that if for any reason were to shut down can make the difference between life and death. So if we take out the time to make sure we have a healthy heart we should also make sure that our other vital organs are working at their best. In today’s blog we are going to be focusing on one in particular and those are your kidneys.

Why do you need to have healthy kidneys? Your kidneys help extract waste and toxins in the blood. They help balance body fluids, form urine and aid in other important functions. Having kidney failure or poor kidney function can bring along many negative side effects. It can bring pain or tenderness around the kidney area also throbbing, urinating less than usual or nothing at all. If you do have frequent urination you might see blood or color changes in your urine. Having poor kidney function will lead up to having an electrolyte imbalance causing you to have swelling or water retention more than likely in your lower extremities like legs, ankles and feet. Your face and eyes can get puffy or swollen. Also have a loss of appetite, indigestion and high blood pressure. Last but not least you can get mood changes do to your fluctuation of electrolyte levels, dehydration, confusion, anxiety, fatigue, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, brain fog, or be fatal.

As you can see maintaining a healthy kidney function is extremely important for your health and also crucial for you to be able to get to your fitness goal. You might be asking yourself “well what do I do to keep my kidneys healthy and working at their best” look no further here are 5 tips to help maintain healthy kidneys and a healthy body.

Tip#1- This is the most important tip, Follow a healthy diet. Eating a veggie here and there won’t make you or break you. A life time of eating healthy to nourish your body will keep your kidneys working at their best.

Tip#2 – Drink lots of water! Water in general is essential for your every day bodily functions like cell function and brain function, but drinking enough water is also crucial for proper kidney function. Remember the kidneys help get rid of toxin build up in the blood and that requires a lot of water.

Tip#3- Reduce the consumption of foods high in sodium. Kidneys help filter sodium out of the body into your urine. Kidneys that are not functioning properly cannot filter sodium as well as healthy kidneys can, as a result the sodium levels in your body can rise causing you to have high blood pressure and swelling.

Tip#4- Quit smoking cigarettes! Not only do cigarettes affect lung health but kidney health as well.

Tip#5 – Take your daily probiotic supplements or eat probiotic rich foods. Probiotics help support an overall healthy digestion as well as healthy kidney function.

There you have it guys take care of your kidneys they will show you how much they appreciate it.


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