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5 Tips To Help You Get Rid Of The Acne Monster

Hello everyone, for most of us getting to our fitness goal isn’t the only goal we want to achieve. For some of us getting healthy glowing looking skin is also one of our goals especially for those that have had a long life battle with ACNE. When we are hitting our teen years and start seeing that horrible acne that makes most of us want to hide away from the rest of the teens at school, people usually tell us “ there’s nothing to worry about, your just hitting puberty and when it’s over your skin will start to clear up “. Most of us can’t wait for our puberty years to be over so we don’t have to deal with the horrible acne monster, but all of a sudden when we are 30 years old we find that we are still battling with this monster.You start asking yourself “ hmmm isn’t this part of my life suppose to be over, how long do I have to deal with this? Then you start going crazy trying to find a solution. You start to go to skin doctors and applying all these strong chemical ointments on your skin that can cause your skin to become dry, red and flaky and everything just becomes a big mess. Luckily in today’s blog I’m going to give you 5 simple tips you should be doing to help lower your chances of dealing with the acne MONSTER.

So why are you getting acne or better yet what is it? Acne are just clogged pores that can lead to bacteria over growth on the skin that can cause acne. Also inflammation, hormonal imbalance or fluctuation, dehydration and high coristol levels can lead to acne.

Tip #1 Follow a healthy clean diet- Having a healthy clean diet will allow you to nourish your skin properly with all the vitamins it needs to be able to replenish old skin for new skin. Also having a healthy metabolism and digestive system will surely reflect on your skin.

Tip#2 Drink lots of water- Try your best to stay away from sugary drinks like soda or fake fruit juices and replace it with water. Water is going to help you keep a healthy digestive system and is essential for healthy looking skin also helps with the elasticity of the skin helping you look young and acne clear.

Tip#3 Probitics- Taking a simple probioctic supplement can mean the difference between acne and no acne. Probiotics helps kill off bacteria and boost your immunity aka helping you get clear skin.

Tip#4 Say no to Fried foods and Hydrogenated oils- These oils will contribute to poor clogging and bacteria build up especially if you’re not having the sufficient amount of water.

Tip #5 Take your Omega 3s- Healthy fats like omega 3 helps reduce inflammation in the body and support hormone balance helping you achieve healthy glowing skin.

Take a second to stop and look at what you are putting into your body the expression "you are what you eat” isn’t too far away from being literal. Something so simple like following a healthy diet and having things that are essential for your body will help scare away the acne bogie man.

- FitnessWithFlexHers

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