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Two Scams That Will Delay Your Fitness Goal

Hello everyone, when most of us want to take the initiative to become healthy and reach our fitness goal, we go searching for the right information to help us get there. When we realize it we find ourselves in a pile of information not knowing where to start. This is what in fitness I like to refer to as our vulnerable stage. We are get desperate to find answers or start anything we think will guarantee us results as fast as possible. Unfortunately this is where we pop up on the scammer radar, this is where people that know nothing about fitness will try to sell you something that will make you waste your time money and really delay you from reaching your fitness goal. That’s why it is important that we learn about the scams that are out there. In today’s blog I am going to tell you about 2 of them so you never fall for them again.

Fad Diets- There’s millions of diets that claim to help you lose weight, and reach your fitness goal. Unfortunately diets don't work, being fit is a lifestyle not something you do for a few weeks or a couple of months. Any diet would work It's really simple to "Lose Weight" all you have to do is eat less calories than what you are used to eating, and you "Will Lose Weight" on the scale. If I usually eat 3,000 calories and starting tomorrow I got on a diet and only ate 2,000 calories, even if it consisted of only potato chips I would definitely lose weight on the scale, I can also tell you that most of that weight you did lose was muscle mass, and water weight and most of the actual body fat your body had will still be there. The point isn't to just "Lose Weight" on the scale, it's to lose body fat, and increase muscle mass that's the only way you will get fit, and stay fit. What's the point of losing weight on the scale if you still won't feel comfortable with how your body looks. Things have to be done the right way from day one, you can waste time and money on so called short cuts, but eventually you will have to face the facts, that the only way to get fit is truly through the right meal plan, and workout routine for you.

Detox Cleansers - Many claim that detoxing is good for your body. You spend a period of days just drinking these special juices usually made of veggies, and its supposed to detoxify your body. Your body already has a detoxification system in place, it's called the kidney, and the liver. Your body detoxifies itself as long as you're eating right. Some detox cleansers can definitely work to help detoxify your body but some are advertised as fat burners miracle. People do experience weight loss during these detox cleansers but who wouldn't, you went from eating a whole bunch of junk everyday to basically eating nothing. The weight loss from this process will mostly be water weight not body fat, and if you are working out while doing these detox cleansers you also run the risk of losing muscle mass.

Save your money and time by not falling for these 2 scams even though there are so many more out there. To find out about more check out our E Book on scams, misconceptions and gimmicks


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