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6 Strategies To Help You Stay On Track

Hello everyone, when we start to make healthier choices in our diet and try to head the right way towards our fitness goal most of us can agree that about 2 weeks in it can become a little difficult. From family gatherings to friend outings it can be hard to stay on track with our healthy meals with all the temptations around us. Luckily in today’s blog I’m going to give you 6 tips to help make your life a little easier and help your stay on track.

Swap The Unhealthy Ingredients For The Healthy Ingredients - Swap ingredients from some of your favorite dishes for healthier ones, so you can eat things you like while getting to your fitness goal. That way we won’t get unmotivated and bored to continue our diet. Like for example if you really miss eating pizza check out our YouTube channel for a good recipe on a low carb cauliflower pizza. Now you can enjoy pizza without all those unnecessary extra carbs that will raise your insulin levels and not allow you to optimize fat burning.

Say No To Heavy Soups As A Starter Dish- When you go out to eat you might think that having a small soup as a appetizer is a healthier option. Truth is it all depends what type of soup it is and what it has in it. A lot of these restaurant soups are usually thick creamy soups that are loaded with cream, flour and butter to help give it that thick rich consistency. Go for a salad or if you are having a soup go for something that is loaded with veggies and has a broth base like veggie broth or chicken broth.

Stay Away From Alcohol But If Your Going To Drink Make Better Choices- Staying away from liquor in general will optimize your health and allow you to reach your fitness goal faster, but if you're put in a situations that you have to drink because of a birthday or celebrating the new year. Try to mix your drinks with diet sodas, seltzer or tonic water. Mixing your drinks with sugary juices and sodas will make the sugar intake add up and contribute to raising your blood sugar.

Say No TO The Bread Basket - Usually when you go out to eat they give you a nice basket of freshly baked bread with a nice side of warm butter it can be extremely tempting. But before they put you in that misery tell you waiter to hold off on the bread. That way you won’t get tempted to over load on unnecessary carbs that will contribute to your blood sugar rising not allowing you to burn body fat at the best rate.

Make Sure You Eat Before You Get To The Place- Eating before you get to a restaurant will help prevent you from overloading on unhealthy appetizers or the buttery bread. By the time you get there, order your meal and get your meal it will be enough time to allow your self to have a delicious satisfying meal without the overload.

Choose Restaurants That Have Healthier Options- Before you go out to eat take out a brief moment to look up the restaurant’s menu online. By doing this you can give yourself an idea about the options you have . The worst thing is going somewhere not knowing what you can or cannot eat and feel like you’re under pressure to order.

There you have it follow these 6 tips that will help you stay on tract. Also check out our Youtube channel where you can find recipes of healthier alternatives to some of your favorite dishes.


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